how eat a girls pusssy?


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what is ptc?

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  • 5 years ago
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    You should ask her.

    Each woman you become intimate with will have different needs, so you need to negotiate with each one about particular moves, rhythm, duration, pressure, and position.

    This is usually done with 'body language', rather than verbally. Most women would find it embarrassing to talk about their preferences, and may only be aware of them while they are 'in the moment'.

    The most popular strategy is to continue the moves and rhythms that your hand was performing during the foreplay that led to cunnilingus. Your tongue operates as a more sensitive, subtle and gentle substitute for a finger.

    The most important part of cunnilingus is to keep her feling relaxed, so on most occasions you should AVOID any surprise moves, sudden changes of position, or penetration.

    Keep your hands moving on her thighs, torso and breasts, and keep listening to her requests (verbal and in body language) for changes in rhythm and pressure.

    Source(s): For further information, try 'She Comes First' by Ian Kerner
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  • 3 years ago

    i dont know

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