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Moving to a new house but dog has fleas?

So right now we're leaving in a pretty old house that has a huge country land behind the backyard. Cattle and horses pass by so fleas and ticks get onto my dog. We're going to move to a new house but I don't want to take the fleas with us.

Let me just say NO I am not going to get rid of my dog. He is the number one animal that can make me feel happy when I'm down. I have tried everything to get rid of the fleas. I vacuum I got the Raid Fleas spray I give him flea baths (not a lot because that can irritate his skin).

I haven't gotten frontline but I heard that attracts even more fleas? I got the hartz ultra guard but immediately washed it off him when I saw the reviews and what the chemicals did. But no matter what he's always scratching.

ALSO I think he might have anal glands because he has been scooting a little. How can I treat that? We're going to the vet to give him his rabies shots (he's a 5 month old puppy German shepherd mix) he's quite big and heavy. If that helps. Should I check him for tape worms while I'm there ? Also what age can I get him fixed.

Question 1. How do I get rid of the fleas before I move

Question 2. What do I do about the anal glands

Question 3. Do tapeworms have anything to do with anal glands ? Sorry for the long details! I really want my pup to feel healthy and not suffer ! Thank you !

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    You need to go to your vet and get something that truly works. Nexgard, Bravecto and Comfortis are the only 3 products left (with one exception) that still work in my area. Fleas have developed immunities to just about everything else.

    The one exception that still works is Capstar which you can buy as a very good generic under the name Nitenpyramn. This product works to kill fleas for 24 hours. It will kill all of the fleas on the dog. You can use it as often as every other day. The best place I've found to buy it is at Very reasonable prices there.

    Your vet can empty the anal sacs but so can most groomers and groomers charge less than your vet. You can get that rabies vaccination at a Mobile Veterinary Clinic and NOT pay any office visit fee. The Mobile Clinics can also inexpensively treat your dog for a variety of worms. Tell them that your dog has a flea problem and not only will they sell you the best flea products I mentioned earlier but they might also take care of the anal sacs. Tapeworms have nothing to do with anal sacs. Dogs sometimes scoot because they have worms but they mainly do it because their anal sacs are full.

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    Cattle and horses passing by have no bearing on fleas.

    Then get a flea/tick preventative from your vet and use it on your dog, get an exterminator for the home, property before moving otherwise you will be taking them with you in your household goods, such as curtains, carpets, bedding.

    OTC products ("flea baths, hartz ultra guard") don't work, can harm and even kill your dog. Frontline hasn't worked in years.

    All dogs have anal glands, if they're problem then the dog needs to have a vet express them unless you know how to do it properly.

    Best bet take the dog to the vet especially if it hasn't had a recent wellness exam, bring in a fresh fecal specimen, while there you may address the flea/tick issue, and neutering.

    I'm Really Amazed at everyone having such a flea problem, in over sixty years of owning all kinds of pets, I've never had a flea problem, ticks have only been problem beginning in the eighties.

    He can be neutered at six months.

    Worms have no bearing on the anal glands.

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    1---ive used Frontline and loved it. it kills any flea that gets on the animal within 24 hours. so used the Frontline the day of the move and then keep doggie in the garage at the new place for 24 hours and he should be ok to bring inside. Verify with vet. i did this w/ frontline for a cat and worked great.

    2---vet can express the anal glands or refer you to a dog groomer who will take care of it. this is happens at times and is normal. imo.

    3---i dont think so. --verify with vet if already there.

    4--- congrats on the move and being such good pet parents!!! x o

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