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Area of a sector of a circle?

The area of a sector of a circle with a central angle of 60° is 14 yd2. Find the radius of the circle. Do not round any intermediate computations. Round your answer to the nearest tenth.

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    A complete circle has three hundred sixty degrees, so a sixty degree angle sector has area that is one-sixth the area of a full circle.

    Area of circle: A = Pi*r^2

    Area of sector: S = A/6 = (Pi/6)r^2

    solve the last equation for r:

    r = sqrt(6S/Pi)

    put the value of 14 in for S and do the calculation on your calculator app. answer will be in units of yards.

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    You simply multiply the area of the circle inversely times the portion of the circle it is.

    360/60 = 6

    6 * 14 = 84

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    (pi/6)r^2=14 --->r = ...

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