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Why does my girlfriend want me to go to bed the same time as her?

I've been living with my girlfriend for a little over a month and I find it difficult that she wants me to go to bed the same time as her.

I really don't like it because i've always liked staying up late at night and having peace and quiet time to myself just browsing the web or watching tv. I've started just laying in bed with her until she falls asleep and then getting back up but if she wakes up and notices i'm not there she gets all upset.

What do you suggest I do?

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  • *sigh* Beddie-Bye times can be an issue among couples....especially if a 'lark' is married to a 'night owl'....

    During my first marriage I suffered from infrequent bouts of as the mother of four and a then husband who would not lift a finger to days started very early and ended late....I often needed me time just before bed to 'chill' ex if he decided to go to bed early would start in an hour after retiring-drove me nutz. " I didn't get married to sleep alone " he would start with...and would end up slamming the BR door. In his world, no matter what time he retired or what I needed to get done, when he went to bed I had to.....

    I am now married to a night owl....and I by nature am a lark. No more kids at home & I am retired....but because I keep early hours I tend to retire before he does....I have no issue with that...neither does he because often he gets happily 'surprised' when he finally turns in-a wife al natural...tells me that's the best to cuddle up to lol.......

    She needs to understand that your Circadian cycle is different than hers and if this relationship is to work, here is one aspect of it where she needs to be understanding and mature about will eventually join her in bed...and you two are not joined at the hip. She needs to stop being childish and do a little growing up.

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  • 5 years ago

    First of all, I have to say,,," Awww, that's so sweet." She wants you to be with her, close to her, so she must really like you. Appreciate this fact brother.

    Secondly,,explain to her, that "Dear, I have a different mental clock than yours. I like to be with you but sometimes I like to just have a little alone time. I just watch TV and browse the web. Nothing much. It relaxes me. My sleeping habits are a bit different, so I'm sorry.about that..." She will understand. Kiss her more, compliment her more and love her more...

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  • Marduk
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    5 years ago

    Find a girlfriend less controlling?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Talk to her about it and say that you need your free time and your a grown man and can make your own decisions

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