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What's so bad about the Confederate Flag?

There's been lots of stuff going on about the Confederate Flag (shootings, burnings, hatings, ETC). Why is the flag so bad? It shows the Souths Heritage just like the American Flag shows Americas heritage. Why is everybody hating on the Confederate Flag?

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    Because the Confederate flag is not a neutral symbol of "The South". It originated as a symbol of the Confederacy, which was a very specific vision of the South based on slavery and racial hierarchy. This was a vision which, even at the time, was rejected by millions of Southerners, both black and white. Flying the Confederate flag rejects not only the millions of black Southerners who opposed slavery, but the millions of white Southerners who opposed secession and disunion.

    The modern use of the flag also shows that it's not a neutral symbol of Southern identity. The flag was resurrected after WWII by white Southerners who were anxious about African-Americans pushing for civil rights. They wanted to reassert their vision of the South was belonging exclusively to white people.

    So the flag has never been some kind of neutral emblem of "the South". Instead it has always been, both in its original use and its resurrected form in the 20th century, a symbol of a racist vision of the South.

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    The flag in question was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia,the main Confederate field force during the Civil War.

    It was therefore carried into battle by armed men fighting to establish an independent country where slavery could be perpetuated as a legal institution indefinitely.

    And that is the heritage the flag represents.

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    The South started the American Civil War to defend and perpetuate its slave-based economy.

    Nobody's stupid enough to wonder why Germans don't still fly the Nazi flag and claim it's their "heritage".

    Everyone knows that Nazi Germany was a pack of racist scumbags that needed killing and defeating.

    Why some people pretend the Confederate isn't as equally offensive is a mystery.

    Like Nazi Germany, the Confederacy was justly defeated and good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Sore losers trying to defend the Confederate flag are as pathetic as Neonazis trying to defend the twisted cross swastika flag of Nazi Germany.

    And people like that need to smarten the hell up and grow up.

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    I personally own many Confederate Flags. Whenever I make love to one of my chickens, I hang a Confederate and salute it the whole way through. The Confederate flag gives me a sense of freedom.

    Also, when I look back on family photos of the plantation, there are always tons of Confederate Flags hanging, from the big house to the slave's quarters. What a liberating image the confederate flag is!

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    The haters are called Liberal and Democrats. Then there are also people that say the flag represents slavery. That's is too stupid.

    The flag represents "The South". Including Rednecks and NASCAR fans.

    Funny how 2 weeks ago the flag was just a flag. Not it's the most hated thing in America.

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      @Marv is so drunk he can't even spell "now." What a dickface.

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    Nothing this Black man owns a CSA flag and a Battle flag Neither is racists I fly them because i am Protesting against My Government

    Just Like the South did the Only real racist in the Civil war was Lincoln he said so

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    Symbol of racists.

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    It represents the states that support racism to its fullest

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