Rock music is white music. Alen Freed was the founder of the genre. Why are blacks trying to steal that too?

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    Blacks steal everything from everyone. Music clothes food inventions art history language.

    They stole rock music from white people

    They stole mac and cheese from white people

    They stole peanut butter from Aztecs

    They gumbo from cajuns

    They stole English language from white people

    They stole blue jeans from white people

    They stole television cinema cars planes trains radios light bulbs phones satellites computers electronic music from white people

    They try to steal Egyptian cultureand history

    They try to steal Moor history

    They stole bbq from white people

    They stole fired chicken from white people

    Blacks just steal everything from humans because blacks don't have a culture of their own.

    Thankfully non blacks / humans outnumber blacks globally.

    I'm so glad Dylan Roof turned 9 cowardly black animals into maggot food.

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      You do know that absolutely non of what you're said remotely makes any sense . Therefore the chances of anyone who matters as a real human being is probably slim at best. But good luck to you and all the racist thumbs up you'll undoubtedly get lol.

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    Rock music was based on black R&B music and blues. It reached a mass white audience after white performers started copying it, mainly following exposure by ground-breaking radio DJs. The expression 'rock and roll' was already in use in the black community before Alan Freed applied it to music. The original meaning related to having sex ... rocking and rolling .... which was the subject (not always obviously) of some of the R&B music. When white performers copied black music, they often didn't know what they were singing about or else they knew and changed the words to something less earthy. If you listen to Houndog by Elvis Presley, it doesn't even make sense. The original black version DID make sense but was too explicit for the retarded, tight-@rsed attitudes in the white entertainment business at the time. Rock is a white-driven evolution of music of black origin. Now it is just music and belongs to everybody.

    So says this white old fart.

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      Alen Freed invented rock music. Blacks try to take credit for something whites did as usual. Alen Freed invented the style and name.

  • If you are going to make a comment that rock music is white music and that Alan Freed created the genre at least get your facts straight. Alan Freed is widely credited with coining the term “rock and roll” to describe the uptempo black R&B records he played as early as 1951 on Cleveland radio station WJW. It's amazing the things that white people will complain that blacks steal from their culture. You have stolen: inventions clothing styles, hair styles, language and music from us doubt me just look at the white youth running around your town. Rap music has existed for 1000 of years and it originated in Africa with the Griots who were village story tellers. Sorry to say :Iggy Azalea, and Eminem didn't invent rap much less have the ability to do it well

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      What clothes language and inventions did whites steal?

  • 4 years ago

    I'm always amazed at the depths of stupidity that some of the people go to when thinking of some of these questions.

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  • 4 years ago

    Why are whites so obsessed with black people?

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