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Jehovah's Witnesses: Molestation lawsuits?

If your handlers told you that the extra donations they are harping on you for, were actually to pay off the judgements of lost molestation law suits, would you be hesitant to write that check?


"What comes around goes victims are now in court for slander."

papa G · 6 mins ago

Keep talking papa G your refusal to protect children is blatantly obvious. OH and the WBS just paid Candice Conte. Do you blame her for suing the wBS? Remember she was 8 years old when her elders told her to go door to door with a known pedophile. Should SHE have remained SILENT?

I LOVE it when Witnesses openly try to defend the indefensible

Update 2:

@ anonymous I was 8 when I was raped. Another child was molested so your conclusion to blame the victim is SOP for a witness, thank you for your comment it exposes tons about you and nothing about me.

OH and by the way My abuse was not reported. I was a child and by the time I was adult there was little that the police could do. Champ.

I LOVE it when you post comments. LOVE IT!

Update 3:

Under Comments: Oh Terry aka Change name So you think that the victim in this is not the child who was raped but the congregation elders who sent her in to the door to door service with a known pedophile. Your answer is so appalling that it even surprises me.

Copied just in case Terry aka Change name decides to remove his comment: "Wouldn't it be interesting if Conti donated the money back to her congregation?"

Change Name · 5 mins ago

U.L. 1975 · 9 secs ago

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    It would be unsurprising that rank and file JWs have no idea that a considerable proportion of their donations goes towards lawsuits. This is not common knowledge amongst JWs. Perhaps because of the way Watchtower HQ deal with local Kingdom Hall money matters, as this shows:

    In 2014 the Governing Body instruced congregations to pledge fixed monthly donations.

    “…all congregations will have the opportunity to support Kingdom Hall and Assembly Hall construction work worldwide by resolving to make a monthly donation from congregation funds.”

    After the letter was read, congregations had just four weeks (with a final deadline of May 31, 2014) to agree on a monthly figure to be sent to Watchtower, ostensibly for the construction of kingdom halls and assembly halls worldwide.

    According to the letter, “Congregation and Assembly Halls will no longer be asked to repay a loan.” However, in the elders-only part of the letter, congregations were instructed that their new monthly pledge must be “at least the same amount as the current monthly loan repayment” for congregations repaying loans for building work.

    In other words, if your congregation is paying off a Kingdom Hall build or refurbishment, your loan repayments must effectively continue indefinitely. If a congregation isn’t already making loan repayments, then a confidential survey is to be taken by passing out slips of paper to determine how much local brothers are willing to pledge.

    But who actually owns a Kingdom Hall, and thus bears responsibility for paying for it? Most congregations now have arrangements in place where Kingdom Halls are under the legal ownership of a board of trustees made up of local elders. But this doesn’t give elders the freedom to do what they want, even if they are all in agreement. The Watchtower Society ultimately holds all the aces. You see, elders can only BE elders if they are approved by the Watchtower Society. Elders who are removed by the Watchtower Society are automatically no longer trustees, and will have no say in how their kingdom hall is run.

    This state of affairs was recently highlighted by the Menlo Park scandal, in which an entire body of elders in California was removed by the organization for failing to comply with the circuit overseer’s insistence that their Kingdom Hall be refurbished, even though a refurbishment wasn’t deemed necessary. A lengthy legal battle ensued in which some of the ousted elders argued for their reappointment, but they proved to be ill-prepared. They assumed they were victims of one or two rogue individuals in the organization, and thus failed to grasp that the problems they were trying to address were systemic. Their true foe was Watchtower Society itself.

    But when this becomes public knowledge, loyal JWs call it a pack of lies and distortions designed to put their leaders in a bad light. If this is how they react to financial matters regarding buildings, they are not going to react differently to claims about much of their money going to pay lawsuits for sexual abuse cases! They are told far less about those than they are told about where else their money goes!

    But let JWs answer your question and we shall see if they are in denial or if any of them actually know anything about the amount of money their leaders are now having to find to pay for adverse legal judgments.

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    Jehovah's Witnesses know that the world is full of issues concerning child molestation. Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and the rest have issues with the abuse. We do something about it. We disfellowship those who have been proven to be child molesters. What about your father you might ask? The police do not believe you. The other elders in the congregation do not believe you. You have no case because maybe you are making things up to paint all Jehovah's Witnesses as child molesters because you hate us. This is what your questions are about. You hate Jehovah's Witnesses so you lie about us, slandering all Jehovah's Witnesses because you were disfellowshiped for rumor mongering or some other sin that you think nothing about.

    NO Jehovah's Witnesses wants a molester in our congregations. Our child abuse policy begins by stating: "Child abuse is abhorrent to us. This is in harmony with the principle recorded at Romans 12:9. Even one abused child is one too many. For decades The Watchtower and Awake! have featured articles to educate both Witnesses and the public regarding the importance and the need to protect children from child abuse. Among others, there was the article "Let Us Abhor What Is Wicked!" published in the January 1, 1997, issue of The Watchtower ; "Help for the Victims of Incest" in the October 1, 1983, Watchtower, "Your Child Is in Danger!", "How Can We Protect Our Children?", and "Prevention in the Home", all in the October 8, 1993, Awake!, as well as "Child Molesting—Every Mother's Nightmare," in the January 22, 1985, Awake!"

    We have been at the forefront in the education of Christians to combat child abuse. We HATE child abuse of any kind. We will protect our children (like the case of the English family that sought medical attention in France for their child because their doctors gave up on him) like no other group of people.

    We are not the hateful monsters you paint us to be. We are people, probably no better than you (although you are an atheist), who do our best to serve Jehovah with spirit and truth the way he wants us to worship him.

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    Whats with the tirade against JW s? Any large monolithic organisation if its checks are not as thorough as they should be will suffer with sex abuse allegations. we see this across various sectors including many different religions, educational establishments and even broadcasters.

    Yes there were mistakes made and yes there should be compensation and justice for the victims, but it is unfair to target one specific group with attacks like this, it is a far wider reaching problem than a single group and it is for society as a whole to deal with and protect children from these people

    Source(s): Just my thoughts, Atheist
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    First I have heard silence from a J.W. Congratulations!

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    "Handlers?" "Harping on you?"

    I'm not even Jehova's Witness and I can tell you have no idea what you're talking about. You're just a bigoted moron persecuting someone for their religion. You're no different than a terrorist.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I do not support pedophiles

  • Papa-G
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    6 years ago

    What comes around goes victims are now in court for slander.

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    why do you make this stuff up.

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