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What's all this fuss over the confederate flag?

I've been hearing a lot of talk about the confederate flag lately...can someone explain why there's all this hype over it?

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    First, you should know a bit about the confederate flags. The flags (all of them) represent the Confederate States of America (CSA). The CSA was created b/c states declared that they were seceding from the Union in order to maintain their right to slavery; You can read each states declarations of secession; just google it. And almost every single state names slavery as their reason to secede. Now, many people argue over what was the cause/reason for the civil war. Some historians disagree about what caused the war or what was the reason for war; whether it was slavery or lincoln's goal to keep the union whole. But most historians agree that the nations seceded the union to have slavery. That is not in dispute. So these flags represent a nation that was formed on the basis of slavery.

    There are several confederate flags. The most popular one is the Battle Flag of Northern VA. That flag was and still is waving on state grounds in South Carolina. In other words, the government is waving that flag. over the last couple of months there are have been numerous events which have occurred that have increased racial tensions among Americans. The most recent was the incident in South Carolina. Dylann Roof killed 9 African Americans at the Emanuel AME Church, just b/c they were Black. After this happened all state run flags in South Carolina were flown half staff in honor of those victims. The Confederate flag -- which has flown next to the Confederate Soldier's Monument since 2000, when it was removed from atop the South Carolina capitol dome -- didn't budge, because it's held in place by a padlock. It was the only flag not flying at half staff. By law, the Governor could touch that flag. This did not go unnoticed. People were offended that a flag that represents, racism and slavery was even up, even it were to be flown half staff. There was a demand from the public to have the confederate flag come down from state grounds. But there was also protest against that demand. Many southerners view the confederate flags as a symbol of southern values and way of life. Though that argument would be akin to a German saying they view the flag of the Third reich as a symbol of beer and bratwurst.

    Gov. Haley said she would call a special legislative session if South Carolina lawmakers don't take up the issue of the Confederate flag this session, in order to have the flag removed.

    So that is what all this fuss is about. A flag which represent everything Dylan Rood believed in.

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    It started with some people commenting that South Carolina, which had a recent racially motivated massacre in a black church was flying the Confederate Battle Flag as it had been since the days of the civil rights conflicts of the sixties. So the governor of SC decided to push for the symbolic gesture of finally taking down the flag. This immediately became a subject of heated debate, so much so that large corporations started removing the Confederate flags from the merchandise they offered for sale or allowed to be sold through them. It's become a bit of an over-reaction.

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    "can someone explain why there's all this hype over it?"

    Nope, not I... but then again I'm Canadian.

    I hear it's a symbol of slavery and treason and hateful things; but from the inside looking out that up until now never was my impression but instead simply a part [eg Civil War and what the South was, etc] of a very interesting history of a Nation; of a world evolving... while at the same time wondering why they can't see the same combined with why if they don't like it are they the ones giving it so much press.

    [not a day goes by without a dozen posts about it here alone]

    None of my business though; I totally get it's the good and bad that make a present and I'm not really ashamed of anything my country did if it translates into what we are now.

    The USA ideally will get there too, they got nothing that should be censored - heck they're the best at free speech good bad or indifferent and that's how it should be.

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    The Confederacy was the enemy of the Union.

    How would you feel if someone set up outside their house a Red China flag, or the old East German flag, or the Vietcong flag?

    Or even a Pakistan flag or a Cuban flag.

    Would you object?

    So the Confederate flag is regarded by many people as an enemy flag. It signifies hatred of the USA and rebellion.

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    The flag in question was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia,the main field force of the Confederacy during the Civil War.

    It was thus carried into battle by armed men fighting to establish an independent nation where slavery would be perpetuated as a legal institution indefinitely.Therefore,it is a symbol of these objectives.

    Which is why a lot of people see it as offensive.

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    Hilary Clinton's lies are coming out so, Libs have to kick

    up dust to covet them up, thus lets talk about the flag.

    In almost ever game the coach will tell you to keep your eye

    on the ball the Game is the 2016 Elections and Clinton is the ball..

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