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Proof that Windows 7 is better than Windows 8?

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    depends on the user if you are an old windows user 7 is easier for you and windows 7 is better for laptops cause 8 is better for touch devices but 8.1 is better than 8 and it is better for laptops than 8 cause Microsoft added more abilities for laptop and non touch devices but in windows 10 the start menu is back but you can have the 8 style start screen also if you like that more than the old start menu hope it helps

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  • 5 years ago

    there is no definitive technical proof that windows 7 is better. most people prefer it because they dislike the graphical layout of windows 8 but that's it. luckily, if you have windows 8 or are considering buying it and don't like the user interface, you can install classic shell. it gives windows 8 a feel extremely similar to windows 7 with movable desktop icons, a start bar and everything.

    Windows 8 is a superior OS because it has better hardware management which means better performance for programs.

    I am an avid gamer and I seek to get the best frames per second out of my games. this gives me a smooth experience with little video chopping and stuttering which can make the game experience very bad.

    I went from a laptop with windows 7 professional on it to the same laptop with windows 8 and saw an improvement of around 10 frames per second more on windows 8 compared to windows 7 (this is an average measurement of 15 games, some did better some did not).

    if you fix the biggest gripe of windows 8 which is the user interface, there is no reason to go for windows 7 over windows 8 other than some extremely detailed program compatibility which i seriously doubt will be an issue since windows 7 and 8 are highly compatible.

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    Unfortunately, your comments do not help, at all. I wish you had used correct punctuation, capitalization, and grammar. Your run on sentence, including all those but's, makes little sense. ( A sentence should be able to be read in one breath between punctuation marks. With yours, a person would pass out from lack of oxygen.) If you want to be thought of as intelligent, you must be able to communicate well.

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