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JW& Open to all-How do you feel that your donations paying for won lawsuits and the lawyer who defends the Watchtower in court?

How do you feel when victims take the Watchtower to court?

How do you feel that there are actual victims?

How do you feel about the Watchtower having a billion dollar net worth and you have been petitioned by Lett for more $$$$$?

Do you think its right that victims receive your donations?

Do you think its right for a abused members to be told to hush about abuse and not go to the police?

Do you think a abused member should go to the police? It might send a message to all those who are abusers that Jehovah Witnesses will not protect those who join under false pretenses. No it would.

Do you really believe that two people are needed for a child to report being touched?

Do you really believe change is needed?

Are you sure you would be okay with an elder telling you to not go to the police if you were the abused or someone you loved?

And yes I know that other religions have sexual abuse issues but I have asked about your religion instead.


Interesting TeeM that you are complaining about something that yahoo allow its members to use. I guess you hate the block button and yahoo removing accounts as well. Silly goose.

Update 2:

TeeM please tell me no children have ever been alone with you or came to you about abuse!!! So I guess you believe a woman is lying when she is raped. It 's safe to say what you would you do if you seen this with your own two eyeballs. I guess people do have it right about this religion. Thanks

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    Some JWs have publicly claimed that they are being persecuted with this upsurge in accusations about Watchtower policy shielding molesters and abusers. The Watchtower Society has claimed media misrepresentation of them re. paedophilia in JW ranks:

    See the study edition of the December 2013 Watchtower which states in part: “Misleading statements and outright lies about Jehovah’s servants and their beliefs are sometimes featured in the media. Newspaper headlines, television documentaries, and Internet Web pages are used to propagate untruths. As a result, some people become disturbed, gullibly believing such lies.” Paragraph 2 from the 15 December 2013 Watchtower study article, ‘Avoid Being Shaken From Reason’ Daily Mail UK, 7 January 2015: Lawsuits allege widespread sex abuse in Jehovah’s Witness:

    I copy part of this answer by a JW to a similar question fairly recently: "There is always *some* little bit of truth in newspaper articles. However, you should know better than to trust information from the news media. Such stories are designed to sensationalize stories. The accusations against Witnesses regarding child abuse are exaggerated beyond reason. Anyone who accepts what they hear from such news media is going to be seriously misled. Every report I’ve seen on CNN and BBC use obviously prejudiced sources and are a dishonest perversion of the truth. And especially when the article is quoting the opposing lawyers’ statements which are purposely meant to exaggerate, prejudice, and distract. Such articles promote ignorance by appealing to opinionated hearsay. The facts are that Witnesses have ALWAYS been aware that perverts can hide among us.

    Witnesses have ALWAYS been repelled and humbled when one of their members commits such a grievous sin. However, comparing them with the Catholic and Protestant churches is a dishonest misrepresentation of the facts. Unlike these other religions the Witnesses NEVER hid pedophiles but promptly removed them from any position and disfellowshipped them. So Witnesses still point out the gross negligence of the Catholic and Protestant churches in this regard..."

    Strange how this JW objects to JWs being compared with Catholic and Protestant churches re. paedophillia, yet goes on to point the finger at Catholic and Protestant churches in that regard! That's doing to others exactly what is objected to when done to the JWs!

    Congregations are now to financially surrender themselves to the organization. There is no longer any excuse for the amassing of funds for a rainy day. Only “minor renovations or repairs” are to be cared for locally. If there are surplus funds, elders must discuss sending these to Watchtower HQ.

    Well, I'm not a JW and I can only guess that JWs feel appalled at this development. But those who are not in denial about it will be seriously considering where their donations are going, and whether they should keep donating.

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    Could I answer?

    Simply speaking, you are assuming things that are not completely accurate.

    First of all, "The Watchtower" is not the authority among Jehovah's witnesses. Jesus is. If someone abuses someone, or practices anything else that is against him, they are breaking his law, not something handed down by men. They are also breaking human law, so the investigation by the police can serve as a second witness. These are in our guidelines.

    Jesus Christ and his Father and God Jehovah, set the direction in the scriptures.

    This link outlines much of the procedure of Jehovah's witnesses. If you really want to know, instead of make accusations, you can now read about it.

    Finally you stated:

    "And yes I know that other religions have sexual abuse issues but I have asked about your religion instead."

    My question here is Why? The truth is, not just other religions, other organizations, social, political, governmental, commercial, business, also the music, broadcast and visual media, the internet, the entire world is infected by this terrible activity far, far more pervasively than the 7 million of Jehovah's witnesses. In some of these organizations, child sexual abuse is condoned, and even celebrated. In other organizations, those who do wrong and are found out are not penalized at all, just moved to some other location, with the same privileges. WE HAVE NEVER DONE THAT.

    The problem is not with Jehovah's witnesses, who do require repentance from people who want to become a part of us, who regularly educate and counsel all who are a part of us, and who also disfellowship those among us who are unrepentant wrongdoers - things that most organizations, including religious ones, do not do.

    The Israelites, who had Jehovah's perfect law, still had to contend with the wicked deeds of the wicked people among them. We, who have the perfect "law of the Christ" have to do the same, because this world is still wicked.

    The problem is the world, this system of things under Satan's control. And the solution to that problem is God's kingdom, for which most of our donations and all of our collective efforts are used. Living in this system of things is something that I personally am not happy with, but that will come to an end soon, because this system of things will end soon.

    Source(s): What Jehovah's Witnesses spend most of the donated money on:
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    1st. it is interesting that you are hiding your identity.

    2nd. This is Satan's world and to expect justice from it is to expect the impossible.

    It was a court of law that condemned Jesus and Paul to death. Why should we expect it to be different today.

    3. The Watchtower did not abuse any child, on the contrary the organization has repeatedly printed articles on how to protect your children.

    4. Sexual abuse and other sins are being committed in all religions by what the bible calls "rocks in our love feasts" Jude 12

    5. No sinner is getting away with anything. They will all answer to Jesus for their sins.

    6. Daniel was tried and sentenced to the lion's den because he remained loyal to Jehovah and his commandments. Satan's tactics haven't changed. It is not our standard of two witnesses, it is Jehovah's.

    IF we like the catholics and protestant churches throw out one of God's standards what other standards can we disobey? Our worship would then become like those catholic and protestant religions that tickle the ears to keep their members and their money.

    7. Sadly how reliable are children? and how many adults have had their lives destroyed by false accusations? How many people died in Salem because children accused them of being witches?

    When an adult's life is destroyed by false accusations, who can they sue and reap millions?

    Who feels sorry for them? Who is shouting for justice for them? These cases hardly ever make the news.

    This is a part of the terrible system we live in. This is why we need God's Kingdom.

    Two wrongs don't make a right.

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    Lovely deflection going on but Ann gave a decent answer.

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    Embarrassed obviously by your huge response here!

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    I am glad the evil cult is being exposed

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