My head ache keeps getting worse now its messing with my vision?

Ive had head aches on and off for the past two weeks. They are quickly becoming worse and more intense. It feels like a sharp throwing pressure behind my eyes and forhead area. Ive been running a low grad fever. Light movement pretty much everything makes it worse. I get numbness in the right side of my face then the head ach starts and does not go away for hours or days. Advil and other pain medications in that family dont give any relief. The last two days its been making my vision go blurry and black spots started apearing in my vision today with the blurry ness. My doctor say not to worry but i am? It hurts so bad it makes me nauseous. What could this be? Just a headache or something more? What should i do? Should i worry?

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  • 6 years ago
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    For any group of symptoms and history as you cite, there are multiple possible diagnoses, so please understand, even if I were a doctor (and I am not), diagnosis can't be done from symptoms and history like these alone. A doctor evaluating you would have guesses but would insist on an in-person examination, lab tests, knowledge of your complete medical history, and your answers to the doc's questions to home in on a good diagnosis; none of that can be done online.

    You need a second opinion. It sounds potentially serious to me. Personally, and I rarely recommend this here, if you were my family member, I'd want you evaluated in a hospital ER/A&E as soon as possible. Your symptoms don't mean the medical cause of them HAS to be serious, but your description is potentially serious, no question.

    Again I'm not a doctor, but one thing that can cause the range of symptoms you describe is dehydration. Don't dismiss it out of hand. Even if you are taking in fluid, if you are putting out more fluid than you are taking in, you can become dehydrated, especially if it's hot where you are or if you have another disease process causing dehydration. The black spots are a sign of seriously low blood pressure, low enough to potentially cause you to pass out, and dehydration can cause this degree of low blood pressure. Continued dehydration can lead to organ shutdown or damage. If you are seriously dehydrated, getting you on an intravenous fluid drip could have you feeling much better in hours. Then the questions would remain: why did you get that dehydrated, and what could be done to prevent this from happening again?

    You can read more about dehydration symptoms and find other pages related to causes, treatment, and risks of dehydration by clicking this link:

    Keep in mind it is quite possible you are not dehydrated, and another medical issue is causing your symptoms. Another possibility is extremely low or high blood glucose levels often related to diabetes--even if you've never been diagnosed with that before.

    Please consider getting evaluated by another doctor and soon.

    Wishing you good luck, good care, and relief soon.

  • 6 years ago

    It will get better

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