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Is my Latin correct?

I want to inscribe an engagement ring with this phrase in Latin: "Your dreams are my dreams."

A little playing with Google translate and some web searches led me to come up with "Somnia vestra sunt somnia mihi." Is that accurate? I would hate to have bad grammar on something that (hopefully) is forever. Thank you!


Actually, I think maybe it should be "somnia vestra sunt somni mea." Is that right?

Update 2:

Thanks Esteban. After looking a bit more do you mean "somnia tua sunt somnia mea"?

Update 3:

Wow, thanks so much dollhaus. That was fascinating. You've made me want to learn more about Latin! I didn't know it could be such a subtle language.

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    This gets into a couple of fairly obscure points of Latin. Don't mean to bore you, but just putting down a translation would be confusing.

    If you go to a Latin-English dictionary, it will tell you that somnium = dream. It probably won't tell you that those only occur when you are asleep. For the idea of things you look forward to in the future (which is what I think you mean), Latin used the word for 'hope' - spes.

    For personal possession with forms of the verb 'to be,' Latin could go either of two ways - possessive pronouns (meus, tuus, etc.) or use the dative case of the pronoun that fit the possessor (mihi, tibi, etc.) the pronoun stresses the possessor; the dative stresses the fact of possession.

    Also, Latin distinguishes between singular you and plural you (y'all). Both tua and vestra translate as 'your,' tua for singular and vestra for plural.

    Finally, the possessive pronouns (and many other words) in Latin change endings based on number (singular or plural), case (based on how the word is used), and grammatical gender (masculine, feminine, or neuter) of the thing possessed. Tui, Tuae, and Tua all mean your (sing) for a plural subject of a sentence.

    With all that:

    Spes tuae spes meae sunt - a literal translation

    Spes tuae mihi sunt. - a bit more exotic. The 'tuae' says it's YOUR dreams/hopes while the 'mihi' stresses that those same dreams belong to me.

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    I would say

    Somnia tea sunt somnia mea

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      Somnia tua...

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