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Am I the only one who got into anime this way?

I would tell my friends but I worry they might make fun of me. As a matter of fact it's what makes me different from other people who love anime in my area. I got into it through vocaloid (Hatsune Miku, Len, Luka and the others) looking for some of that Japanese goodness and I've come to realize this is why I'm shy about it. Most of my people are into the hip hop scene and while I listen to a little bit of hip hop every once in a while I don't use words like "bae" "yolo" or "swag" I'm not into what you hear on the radio. The thing that bothers me is that people could never keep up with me. By the time my interest starts dwindling on a certain matter someone else's interest may catch on. Does this mean I'm unique because I feel like this is the best way to get into Japanese anime manga in stuff I don't like to feel like I'm the only one doing it though. It's not people's jobs to tell me what I should or should not like but most people here feel like you should get into anime "unexpectedly" or through the internet which I did but they always add this touch of "you need to catch up with the times" (i.e snapchat, kik facebook or anything else that comes out) I don't really care about that mumbo jumbo but I'm so sick of looking like the odd one. What can I do? If I exploit my love for vocaloid people are only going to bog me down but I don't like keeping it for myself either. I joined facebook groups on hatsune miku before but should this be enough?

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    No matter what, there are always people out there who will judge. We're all different, and most of us got into those kinds of things in quite different ways. I was never much one for anime, but I love Vocaloid! If you feel comfortable enough to talk to your friends about it, then go on ahead! If not, and I don't want to put anyone down or anything, then they probably aren't the greatest of friends. Friends are supposed to accept you for who you are and the choices you make, as long as they don't negatively affect you or anyone else. It's great to be different though! Imagine if there was a world that was filled with only those "yolo swag people"; doesn't sound great, huh? We need people to be unique and creative, and it's great to see that there are people like that out there. Good luck! Stay unique. :)

    Source(s): Long time weirdo and Vocaloid fan.
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    You are not the only one, but it took me seven attempts over 40 years before I finally got into it. All TV approaches and a really anime bully as well.

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