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Japanese R sound?


Ok,does the japanese R sound like native Serbian,bosnian,croatian R sound?

is it the same R sound?

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    The Japanese 'r' is a mix of what is called an alveolar flap and an alveolar lateral flap. The alveolar flap or alveolar lateral flap is not the same as the Serbian, Bosnian, or Croatia "r" (which is a trill).

    The alveolar flap is the same as a Spanish 'r' in the middle of a word. Imagine the Croatian 'r', but instead of trilling the tongue, have it just hit the alveolar ridge once.

    The alveolar lateral flap is not found in any languages you would know apart from Japanese.

    If you try to pronounce an English 'd', 'r', and 'l' at the same time, you will get close to the sound.

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    What's your question?

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    bloody hell,"R" sound in english is pronounced differently than "R" sound in Russia got it?

    SO,is the "R" sound in Japan pronounced the same way as in Serbia or Bosnia etc..? (as bosnians,serbians etc speak the same language so you can correlate).

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