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are laws different for people?

for example,if i sue someone for something, the police would do nothing, as im just a fellow.

if a famous person sues someone for the same thing, will the police do anything as theyre famous?? do they have better lawyers??

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    Suing is civil litigation. The police only deal with criminal law and would not get involved, whoever it is.

    It is important to appreciate the difference between civil and criminal law. Civil law is about resolving disputes between people that they can't sort out between themselves, and all a civil court can do is order the person in the wrong to put things right, or order them to pay compensation or damages. Criminal law defines what we think should be punished and prescribes a punishment. Nobody is sued in a criminal court, they are prosecuted. So a civil case would be labelled as Smith v Jones (Smith is suing Jones), while a criminal case is always described as if you'd done something wrong against the country as it is whoever represents the government who brings the prosecution. In the UK, it would be R v Smith (R meaning Regina, the Queen), or in the USA, it would be The People v Smith or State of X v Smith.

    For example, if I steal your purse, a criminal court could convict me of theft and fine me, or for a big theft, send me to prison. But that doesn't get your purse returned. You would have to sue me in a civil court to get me ordered to give it back or compensate you for what it was worth. In reality, the criminal court might have the power to make a compensation order or confiscation order against me so you don't have to do that, but you get the idea, I hope.

    The only difference with famous people is they most likely have more money and can afford a better lawyer if they get sued or prosecuted.

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    The police do not get involved in civil litigation. If anyone sues another person that is a civil case and the police would not be involved at all.

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