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What is the history behind the confederate flag and does it stand for slavery or was it made for other reasons?

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    What we call the "Confederate flag" was actually never used in its current form during the Civil War. It is a combination of two Civil War flags that were very similar to each other. The Confederate Navy Jack was rectangular and had the blue X with stars on a red field, but it was a different (lighter) shade of blue. The Confederate Battle Flag also had the blue X (in the dark, navy color used on the modern "Confederate" flag), red field and stars, but was square in shape. The rectangular flag with a dark blue X is a cross of the two designs, created after the war was over, largely for use by the KKK.

    The official flag of the Confederacy was the "Stars and Bars," which resembled a US flag with a circle of stars in a blue corner field to represent the confederated states but only three horizontal bars. The army avoided using it because it resembled the US flag so much it was confusing to troops and useless for rallying etc. Later in the war they adopted the "spotless banner" which was all white with the battle flag X in the corner, but with all that white it could be mistaken for a surrender flag so the army still didn't use it. Later they added a vertical red stripe but by then the war was almost over. Confederate army veterans thought of the Battle Flag as "their flag."

    Yes, the Confederacy fought, not only to continue, but actually to EXTEND slavery. The platform of Lincoln's election that was so offensive to them to make them secede was the proposal that the Federal government should prohibit slavery, not in states (which had the constitution to support it), but in federal territories, so that slavery could not spread there until after those territories became states. Anyone who wants to pretend that the secession was over "states' rights" or any issue other than slavery need only read the declarations made by each of the 12 or 13 states at their secession. They are not at all ambiguous on this point. Common soldiers in the confederate army, though most were too poor to own slaves themselves, understood perfectly well what they were fighting for.

    After the war was over, Reconstruction attempted to habilitate freed slaves as citizens with voting rights and economic opportunities. The KKK spearheaded resistance to this attempt to help blacks and used violence and terrorism to maintain white supremacy until northerners lost the political will to continue the reconstruction effort. They used the hybrid "confederate" flag as the symbol of their movement for a southern "heritage" founded on the oppression and terrorizing of blacks.

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    The popular Confederate flag is actually the Battle flag, because in some of the battles the Union and Confederate flags looked very similar, so there were several instances of friendly fire. Because of this situation, the Confederacy adopted the Battle flag, which nowadays is the one that is displayed a lot in the South.

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    The flag in question was the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia,the main Confederate field force during the Civil War.

    It was carried into battle by men fighting to establish an independent nation where slavery could be perpetuated as a legal institution indefinitely.

    It therefore does stand for slavery.

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    Here is the history for ya:

    As for the answer to your second question the flag does not stand for slavery. First the South did own slaves, but it was a small percentage of the population, because most of the south consisted of poor yeoman farmers. Slaves were expensive and the only people that had them were rich planters who owned plantations.

    Next the civil war was not about slavery. Lincoln, during the war realized that his men and the rest of the north were not unified under the cause of preserving the union. So he created the emancipation proclamation, which had no power because the south was a separate country. This unified the north because they were no longer fighting a war about politics, but a war with a cause higher than themselves. That is one reason why people thing the war was about slavery.

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    It was the Battle Flag of the Militia of South Carolina and was never more than that. It had no official standing outside the State of South Carolina - Ever. It was never adopted by the Confederate States of America, nor is there any record that it was ever considered.

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    Popular meaning, indeed. The confederate flag as the name states is the flag of the Confederate States of America, a proposed nation that supposedly rose against the oppressive federal government of the United States of America, and declare their independence from it, in order to avoid being impossed laws by that government. Some of which, favored the fact of abolishing slavery, which in turn, was the base of souther cotton economy.

    Popular meaning states that the south were slavers and the north liberators, but on the other side of the coin, the south fought for the liberty to do what was right for their states, and the union defended against an enemy that had the possibility to divide and threaten the order of the nation.

    Both had their reasons to wage war, and both have their "good" and "bad" side. It's all a matter of perspective. As for me, I agree with that in order to move to a more civilized society some liberties must be discarded. The liberty to oppress for instance. Too bad that history unfolded in a war in order to achieve that. So much death.

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    It was the flag of the fake nation "the Confederate States of America," made up of a bunch of traitors who wanted to break off from the USA in 1861. Their one and only reason for doing so was to PRESERVE SLAVERY. They said so themselves.

    So yes, it is a flag that stands for slavery. And since the end of the civil war it has been used mainly by people who want to oppress and murder black Americans. It is a flag that represents racism. People who fly it are evil.

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    The Confederate flag was raised in 1961to commemorate the beginning of the Civil War.

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    Its a flag that represents Southern Heritage and naturally since the south succeeded they used it as their official flag. It does not represent slavery at all

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      Black people born in the South in the 1850s would be inherently unlikely to defend slavery.Many whites there were also against it.

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