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How can you change yourself while astral project, isn't that like a form of " lucid dreaming"?! How do you know where someone is at?!?


Don't you have to know where someone is going in order to astral project, see them?! I just saw jennifer Lopez in my body, Derick's face while looking at the mirror. Why would you want to be inside my body as a host?! Is it because my spirit is getting weaker, and my heart is in pain.

Why not use Jason's spirit inside of me, not Rosa.. from the Michelle's day spa. How can you transform yourself into whatever you want?!

I saw Matthew Mconaughy or how ever you spell it, and I saw him at work.

Update 2:

he transformed himself into a " teenager", turned himself into a boy, used his spirit while doing it. How do you do that?! Considering.. he's a full grown male?!

I saw Cone too, and he wasn't in anyone's body. He was walking like he hurt his ankle, and is smiling and laughing at me. I started cracking up when I saw his spirit. He was wearing a grey- wife beater top, and broke his foot or something. Like it got trapped into a bear trap. lol. He's pretty funny!!

I saw Cone's spirit again, and my

Update 3:

friend " Mark Mavius" inside this guy's body as a " host" too. lol. 2 people are possessed into one. lol. Cone.. sure talks " alot" and knows how to give away products, and my sister's " real" spirit was just watching him, and shocked. She's kinda.. confused, curious of what's going on.

My sister doesn't understand why " p-rod" is giving me away, trying to sell the house. He thinks the Bear is for him, it's not. The bear in the box is for Cone. It isn't balance. He thinks it's his Aries Moon

Update 4:

bear/ box. It's his moon. But it isn't his Sun or his Moon. It isn't balance. My sister was like " wtf"?! I was watching her, she had a smile on her face. She told me if I ever dated a guy or he was interested in me. She would have to see who it is, find out if he's right for me or not!

Looks like my sister likes Cone, not in that way. She's the oldest, told me.. that she wants to make sure.. that the guy is good, not bad. She's over- protective with me.

But she's looking at p-rod, Dennis..

Update 5:

like " wtf" are you talking about, who are you?! My sister.. doesn't even know what's going on, who Dennis is or P-rod. She knows.. p-rod isn't my type. She's just looking at him like.. why are you trying to give my sister away, sell her?! My sister isn't an object, she isn't for sale.

I saw her spirit using some " mini" girl's Body as a host. Well. yeah. Because she's my sister, she loves me a lot. My sister is going to reject Dennis because it's like her ex Ramone. She threw his dirty

Update 6:

sheets, and laundry out on the street. He was a drug dealer, and an ex confict. He drove my sister nuts, and pushed her against the table. My sister had to get a divorce. He couldn't get a job, and he was using my sister for money, trying to provide for him.

Of course my sister doesn't like him. He's a crack- head, and he's calling me a " hoe", b*tch". He's a loser. Plus, his sister is harassing me, trying to get pregnant by cone. She's some red- neck farm trash. She's a hick! An ugly to.

Update 7:

Like my sister is going to fight with some " teenie boober" who hasn't fully matured, and acts like a wack a** little girl. She's going to just laugh at her, tell me to stay away and ignore her. How about a restraining order or a lawyer?! lol. She's not really the fighting type. Considering she's like in her mid 30's like Jessica Alba. lol. And she's what?! A year younger then me.

She's just going to ask me where are all these " crazy" people coming from?! " Like who are you"? My whole

Update 8:

family doesn't even know. I am about as " lost" as my real sister is. I'm sure Chi knows, everyone else. Since they hacked into my facebook, and I don't even know exactly what happen.


I'm just going to let it go, and check into some bead work. lol. I gotta keep myself " busy", do something " creative". lol. That's a good sign though. My sister can tell he has a crush on me, and is trying to prove he's the " communicative" type.

He's just " crazy in love", acting " stupid".

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    don't try that. you will put yourself in danger.

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    @ Cream Cookies- ( shakes head) You're correct. It is extremely dangerous. What if someone came in, and said " hey, Jason" and jumped on his stomach or tried hurting him while he was " astral- projecting". What if someone cut his etheral cord, and killed his physical body outside of his spiritual body.

    I don't want him astral projecting, wanting to see me. He can see me through physical form and just wait. It's to dramatic, dangerous to be doing these spiritual things. He needs to just wait! He's a target, exposed.

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    5 years ago

    ill try not to think of you as much... ill wait for that day. be safe 😇

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