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What is the confederate flag?

Why did the shooter of the unfortunate Charleston church shooting burned the current US flag and kept mentioning about the confederate flag?

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    Because the Confederate flag is a symbol of a racist slave state (that's explicitly what the CSA was founded on - slavery and white supremacy, as stated in their founding documents and by their leaders) that Roof idolized, because he is a racist.

    It's pretty simple - he is a massive racist using a racist symbol.

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    There were a number of flags used by the Confederate States of America, the breakaway republic which existed in the US South during the American Civil War. When people talk about "the Confederate flag" though, they mean what was originally the Confederate battle flag used by the Army of Northern Virginia, one of the Confederacy's principal armies. That flag has a red or orange background with a blue X, bordered in white, through the center of it. Within the X are thirteen stars, representing the states claimed by the Confederacy.

    The flag proved to be iconic and was strongly associated with the Confederacy as a whole. After the Civil War ended in 1865 it continued to be used as a symbol of the Confederacy in things such as veterans associations, Confederate memorials, reenactments, and museums. But outside of this explicitly Confederate memorialization, the flag was not used a whole lot in the several decades after the war.

    This changed in the aftermath of WWII. The new US President, Harry Truman, promised to do more for civil rights for African-Americans, starting with the desegregation of the US armed forces. When Truman expressed support for a civil rights plank in the Democratic party campaign platform in 1948, a number of Southerners, led by Strom Thurmond, bolted from the party and ran Thurmond as an avowedly white supremacist "Dixiecrat". Beginning during the Truman administration, opponents of black civil rights began reviving the Confederate flag as a symbol of their opposition. This trend increased in the 1950s and 60s as African Americans became more assertive and organized about demanding their civil rights and as the white supremacist forces in the South felt more pressure to reform. They used the Confederate flag to represent a racist vision of a South dominated by white people and where African-Americans had few or no rights. The state of South Carolina, where the shooting took place, decided to fly the flag from the top of the statehouse dome in the early 1960s in a protest against civil rights. Other Southern states had similar displays of the flag, with some even incorporating it into the design of their state flag. Beginning in the late 1970s, black politicians in South Carolina began officially demanding the removal of the flag from the capitol. They finally succeeded in 2000 after a massive boycott campaign by the NAACP which may have cost the state millions of dollars in tourism and business revenue. However, to placate conservative whites who still wanted the flag to displayed, they moved the flag from the dome to a prominent place on the capitol near a memorial to Confederate ware dead. In some ways this display is more prominent than it was on the dome and at the time some people said "Off the dome and in your face". According to the law passed at the time, the flag has to always be flown at full height and illuminated during the night, which is why it has not been lowered even though several black people were killed in the city in a terrorist act. Other states also dialed back or ended use of the flag in the same time period.

    For white supremacists the Confederate flag is a symbol of white power and continued white dominance of the South and America as a whole. The terrorist in this incident hated black people and felt that they were "taking over" the US. He apparently hated the American flag because he felt that the US was too accomodating to racial minorities and lauded the Confederate flag because of the white supremacist nature of the Confederacy.

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    The Confederate States of America was a fake "country" that the southern states of the U.S. tried to create in 1861-65 in order to preserve the practice of slavery.

    Modern-day racists use the Confederate flag as a symbol of their belief in white supremacy.

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    Because he thinks the Confederate Battle Flag represents his core values, while he is unfavorably disposed to where the nation is today.

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    He is a racist dominionist..

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