1st Year in Games Development Course in September. Tips needed.?

I am after completing High-School (Secondary School) in Ireland and I applied for a Games Development course in my city.

I would like to get a head start and prepare for my first year there.

I am currently awaiting for the results of my end of school exams (Irish Leaving Certificate System) and I will receive results on the 12th of August; I will know if I got into college or not.

Anyway, for anyone who has experience in this area, I would like to absorb some useful tips and also would like to know what tools and programming languages I have to start studying.

I currently finished learning the basics of: HTML, JavaScript, CSS and in the middle of PHP.

Thank you in advance,


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    5 years ago
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    Unless you want to actually be a game programmer, there's not a huge need to learn programming, but a general knowledge and some practical knowledge is a plus. There is A LOT more to game development that just programming. But if you really want to get into the games industry what you need to do is start building a portfolio now.

    Get involved in gaming communities. Find local groups that do game jams, or are building a mod. Make a mod for a game yourself. Don't just play games, study them, learn what compels you to play them. What's good design vs bad design. Start making some games of your own. You can use unity as a nice starting ground since it's free and full of tutorials. https://unity3d.com/ .

    Explore every facet. I like the videos Extra Credits puts out on youtube, they do a great job of breaking down games in a simple but engaging way and there's a lot to learn that can spark your interest into deeper concepts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDjrOaoHz9s

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    Start VERY small. Make a game you can make in a few weeks or a month. Make a simple space invaders game, or knockout. These games are quick and easy to put together but help you learn tools for how to detect collision, move an object, handle mouse and keyboard input. And iterate. Once you've made a space invaders, make a rail shooter. Now you're learning how to scroll a scene. Make a simple platformer.

    Don't EVER try to do too much, but don't be discouraged by doing too little. Remember, you're just starting out and those who make huge games and mods have teams with decades of experience. You'll get there some day. And it will all be worth it.

    Most importantly, have fun. And don't do this for money or fame. But because it's something you love. Because the game industry is fast and hard. Game companies come and go in the blink of an eye and it's a miracle if you stay employed for longer than a year or two. But coming from personal experience, it's so much fun. And you get so much pride in releasing your game regardless of if it does well or not. Because you've done something millions can't.

  • cpcii
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    5 years ago

    What types of games do you want to develop? Web based games, because the languages you are in the middle of learning are only used for that. If you want to learn to program real games (for example a PlayStation, Wii, XBox, etc) or even for PC's or tablets, none of those language will be useful other than to give you an introduction to programing. You need a hard core language like C++ and the like.

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