Could my arm be fractured?

So I was running and slipped on my socks, catching myself fully one one wrist. It really hurt and kind of took my breath away, my instinct was to keep my wrist as still as possible. I threw on some ice and the pain went away quickly, so I tried bending my wrist it and moving it and it seemed fine, pain was pretty much gone, but something still didn t seem right. Then I moved the icepack to a different spot farther up my forearm and it started really throbbing almost unbearably. Now several hours later there is just an ache in one spot of my forearm. I can bend and use my wrist and arm fine without the pain increasing much but I can tell something is wrong. Its not a muscle sprain, and the aching feels like its coming straight from the bone. But the pain isn t bad at all, just a constant slight ache. Could I have slightly fractured the bone, (hairline fracture) and if so what should i do and how long will it take to heal? (at this point I don t think its bad enough to see a doctor)

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  • 5 years ago
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    this is very common. You would know if you fractured/ broke your arm if it is either bent the wrong direction, causes excruciating pain to move nearby muscles or joints, or if it is discolored (blue, black, purple). All you did was bruise the bone. Do very little movement with it and ice it for 5 minutes every half hour. Try elevating it. Elevating is where you raise your injured part higher than where your heart rests. So make sure your arm is above you head. It should heal in about a week. But still be tender on it and to touch it. You'll be fine.

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