I'm a motivational speaker, and I would like to sell t-shirts online and at my speaking engagements. What are some good websites to use?

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    6 years ago
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    One atypical source is the silkscreen printer TeeSpring.com where you submit a "limited edition" design and a min order quota, they handle all the payment and shipping but hold production until your quota is met, you pay nothing up front. You can try the design submission process without even logging in, note the quantity and number of colors effect the cost, you are allowed to mix base shirt types to make the quote, like men's women's short and long sleeve options.

    This site displays past campaigns.


    There are a number of print on demand services using digital "photographic" printing, that may not last as long as good silk screen, they include Zazzle.com, cafepress.com, customink.com they offer free 'stores' for people to upload their designs, believe the profit is small than teespring and meant for a library of offerings.

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