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Racial Conflict in Canada?

Racism, discrimination and ethnic conflict fuelled fears and created violence throughout the course of the 20th century. Beginning with the Boer War, outline the economic, social and political implications that racial conflict produced in this 100-year period, in which there were only 10 days of global peace.

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    Canada has never experienced "Racism, discrimination and ethnic conflict fuelled fears and created violence"

    The First Nations and Canadians and Canadiens all fought together in 1812, the military has never had segregation; there's never been Indian Wars, or civil war, or racial riots or unrest since the NorthWest Rebellion.

    On the occasions Canada has had social conflict during times of war...

    - World War One; anyone with German or Austrian heritage wasn't liked much; some had rocks thrown through their window or were bullied at school; French-Canadians resisted Conscription which English-Canadians didn't overly appreciate much; the Canadian military was exclusively Anglo so while French-Canadians hardly minded fighting for Canada they didn't think it should be at the expense of their own culture

    - World War Two; internment of Canadian citizens of Japanese heritage for the duration; same Conscription crisis as in WWI.

    "Beginning with the Boer War, outline the economic, social and political implications that racial conflict produced in this 100-year period..."

    As it pertains to Canada... here's the list:

    The Conscription Crisis 1917

    "The 1917 conscription debate was one of the fiercest and most divisive in Canadian political history. French-Canadians, as well as many farmers, unionized workers, non-British immigrants, and other Canadians, generally opposed the measure. English-speaking Canadians, led by Prime Minister Borden and senior members of his Cabinet, as well as British immigrants, the families of soldiers, and older Canadians, generally supported it.

    The conscription debate echoed public divisions on many other contemporary issues, including language education, agriculture, religion, and the political rights of women and immigrants. It also grew into a test of one’s support for, or opposition to, the war as a whole. Charges of disloyalty, cowardice, and immorality from avid pro-conscription advocates were matched by cries of imperialism, stupidity, and bloodlust by the anti-conscription camp."

    That's it, the extent of social unrest over racially motivated issues that occurred in Canada as a result of global conflict during those 100 years... plus the obvious social cost of those that never made it back home.

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