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Politically Speaking; Do you think the Dallas Police Precinct was attacked in reparations of the Jade-Helm 15 exercise to-?

Confiscate, Round-up, Put civilians into Concentration Camps and Execute them Socialism/Fascist-style in the name of the glorious Dear Leader; Barry-Mao Hussein Soetoro 0bama?


Liberals on the move. Done moved my question to the Jokes section of Y!A! Very cute.

Update 2:

Summertime is moving questions, Y'all! block her!

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    No. I think the current whipped up straw man of EVIL police has made it AOK Open Season on police. It could be a plot? To set citizens in fear of police and demand nationalized SS/Gestapo/KGB? But, I doubt this Dalls one is part of it. This is a symptom of citizens lowered respect of police. Caused by the Liberal politicians. activist race baiters and media.

    We all need to calm down. Look at each other and understand we're being manipulated. Before our leading lights decide Jade Helm is an outstanding and necessary idea. As Liberal elites laugh at us and clink glasses. Doing exactly what they expect of sheep. McKinney is one such example. This is another.

    Here in Haltom City the 7/11 next to the police headquarters closed a few years back. Now, Haltom City keeps a tight lid on news. So not everyone knows. Only eye witnesses. That 7/11 was closed because of gang activity. It was shot up from the parking lot with an AK47 semi auto. The drive by was never caught.

    So, here too, it could be simply gang related? The gang's way of telling police "This is our Turf!" But, again here too it's bolder. Thanks to things like Ferguson, McKinney, Baltimore, NYC, etc. and the activist race baiting surrounding them.

    Bet me this won't wind up as race related??

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    The van that is the one used looks like belongs to the Dallas Police Department. It's appears to be a staged scripted propaganda stunt to promote the narrative the police need to be militarized and need more free reign to infringe on everyone's constitutional rights. It's probably a drill but the Feds decided to have media lie saying its a real event.

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    The word is the individuals child was taken by the state and this is the only way the moron can think of too get his child back, Brilliant plan.

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    Initial news seems to suggest the offspring of one of the attackers was arrested on terrorism charges.

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    6 years ago

    Mao had a bad case of dandruff.

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    Blocking summertime will not stop her from moving questions. Blocking does only one thing. It stops you from answering a question or commenting on questions posted by the blocker.

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    Supposedly it was started by a disgruntled dad who lost custody of his kids because he was believed to be violent... go figure.

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    Nope. They are helping out with the cop issue and the bikini girlgate. I dont believe any of it.This is a make believe world and its really sad.

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