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Love Synastry: are we compatible?

Are we compatible?


Sun: Gemini

Venus: Taurus

Moon: Libra

Mercury: Cancer

Mars: Cancer

Asc: Aries


Sun: Gemini

Venus: Cancer

Moon: Scorpio

Mercury: Gemini

Mars: Capricorn

Asc: Libra

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    Signs do not create interpersonal dynamics ... attraction, repulsion, harmony, discord.

    It is the "aspects" that cause this . the synastry aspects between any of your 10 planets and any of their 10 planets.

    The signs do not matter.

    Let me give you an example .... Your Moon in Libra, and his Venus in Cancer. There are FOUR possible scenarios here:

    (1) Your Moon is early Libra (say 2 degrees of Libra) and his Venus is in late Cancer (say 29 degrees of Cancer).

    Your Moon is therefore 63 degrees from his Venus. 63 degrees falls into the range for a "sextile aspect", which is between 54 and 66 degrees apart. This makes your Moon (emotional) needs compatible and harmonious with his Venus (love) needs.

    (2) Your Moon and his Venus are between 82 and 98 degrees apart .. say Moon at 15 Libra, and Venus at 14 Cancer. This is a discordant interaction, because your Moon/emotional needs conflict with his Venus/love needs.

    (3) Your Moon is at late Libra and his Venus is at early Cancer this would be a "trine aspect" (distance of between 112 and 128 degrees apart) ... with the same influence as #1, the sextile ... harmonious.

    (4) NO aspect between your Moon and his Venus. In other words, whatever the distance is between them, it is NOT the distance of any of the aspects.

    This would mean that your emotional nature (Moon) does NOT trigger anything having to do with his love needs (Venus) ... your emotions do not bring out his love, and his love does not touch you on an emotional level.

    You have to look at ALL the synastry aspects.

    There are many sites that will do this up for you, assuming you have the full birthdate, time and place of birth for both of you.

    But the signs are useless.

    Those who try to tell you that signs work for compatibility assessment, either do not know what they are talking about, or they are trying to make money off of you in some way and do not care if it is with a lie.

    I will give you this site for synastry. The problem is that it does not ask for the birth location, so you cannot trust any synastry aspect involving the Moon (the Moon moves so quickly that unless you know where the person was born, you cannot really know what aspects it makes).

    But it is the only site I have found that does the rest of the synastry aspects accurately AND gives an interpretation for each aspect/interaction between the two (as an astrologer, I don't use these websites .. they are, by and large, pretty inadequate):

    I would also like to suggest that you preserve your privacy and NOT give out your name AND birthdata ... therre is too much identity theft going on. Instead of names, use any word you want instead of your and his names ... the software program won't care.

    Understand though that it is emotional maturity that makes a relationship work.

    No relationship is without problems once the honeymoon phase has died out.

    And no synastry comparison is totally compatible either (even just 70% harmonious is doing very very well!!!).

    So, in the end, it boils down to how cool and calm each is, how good their communications skills are, how much they can keep from getting swept away with hurt/fear/anger and BE a respectful partner when tempers flare ...

    no synastry, no matter how good, can substitute for emotional maturity.

    One final comment ... the other answer is from a Vedic/Hindu/Sidereal astrology perspective. They don't even use the same dates for the signs that Western astrology uses, and unless you DO use Hindu astrology I suggest you steer clear of it.

    As for his comment about your two Moons .. IF your Moon is within 8 degrees of HIS Moon (say your Moon is at 26 Libra, and his Moon is at 2 Scorpio .. which is a distance of 6 degrees), then you have your Moon in a synastry conjunct aspect with his Moon. This is very good for understanding each other emotionally, even if your two Moons are in different signs.

    Of course, if your two Moons are further apart than 8 degrees, this accord is lacking.

    Unless your Moons are in a sextile (54 to 66 degrees apart) aspect, which could possibly happen is your Moon was in very early Libra and his was at very late Scorpio.

    Source(s): Professionally-certified astrologer with over 40 years working in person with clients and couples.
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    I'm a Leo and my ex is a Libra. We broke up 3 times in the last 10 years. But yet I still want him. He gets very antisocial and I like attention. We still drift apart and come back together. Its weird. We are on the verge of getting back together for the 4th time!

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