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I obsess over everything. Why?

I am a worrier over everything and I have to do a bunch of research over everything one time a guy tried to kiss me and I said wait no tomorrow and I went home and looked up a bunch of stuff about kissing... Also I obsess over TV shows and characters and celebs and... WTHAN CUTKOSKY AHHHHH! Sorry I love him as you might have noticed and idk why I do this. Can anyone help?



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    5 years ago
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    I am the same as you. I get very obsessed with practically everything. Its very time-consuming. I have been diagnosed with OCD since 10 so that explains it. I start over-thinking everything. Then my mind starts worrying about something going wrong by that time. Its got to the point where I cannot book or schedule anything as I believe something will go wrong. E.g. car will breakdown, I'll become ill. Very annoying. I feel trapped by it. My thoughts are killing me. I think thats why I'm slightly agoraphobic. I've had CBT and psychological therapies but they don't work long-term. I take medication which doesn't help.

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  • 5 years ago

    Cuz ur mum al waz lik 2 clenz teh houz ah av er en mah bassment

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  • 5 years ago

    learn to relax or you will have troubles later. if your in a hurry all the time you cant enjoy now. Ive learned that and i wish i could fix it . If you dont fix it you will never have time for him or anything else important.

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