My disc drive wont burn cd's anymore?

Hi guys, 2 days ago I tried to create myself a new CD for the car. I went at it normally, download songs, put disc in tray, click burn and media player did it but after it won't work in car plus the computer Cant even read it. I've been trying to figure out the problem since but I'm getting nowhere, hense why I'm here. It's just a regular sata, DVD rw drive and I've used it alot to make CD's in the past. It's 5-6 yrs old. I have tried updating/rolling back drivers, changing CD type, burning at a lower speed, restored system to a previous date, uninstalled new programs, used a different burning software, installed a friend's DVD drive and I have just now completely reinstalled my operating system again and wiped the previous files. It still doesn't work. Can someone please help me before I pull all my hair out?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Right-click the drive in My Computer (or Computer) and click the Properties tab at the bottom. Check to see if there is still a "Recording" tab at the top. If it is there, check to be sure that this drive is set as the default burner; change the setting if you need to, and re-boot. If the "Recording" tab is missing, you can do one of two things: 1.) Make sure all current Windows Updates are downloaded and installed, and then re-boot...then delete (remove) the burner drive from My Computer or thru the Control Panel and re-boot your machine again, and let Windows find and install the correct? driver. That may work, depending on the age of your burner, but that s the easier way to fix it. The other way is to get the latest driver from the mfg site; you can find the make/model of your burner by looking in Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System Information. On the left side, click on the + sign beside Components, then select CD-Rom. It will show you the mfg and model#...something like this; Device ID IDE\CDROMTSSTCORP_CDDVDW_SH-S222L

    for a TSST Corp model# SH-S222L. google the mfg site and download and install your driver. If the problem is driver-related, you re good to go. Other possibilities (remote) are System file corruption, fixable by either running CCleaner, or doing a System Restore back to a time when the drive was last working correctly, or .... a registry setting glitch in the Hardware section of the registry, fixable by changing a 1 to a 0 in the modification pane of your drive...but don t try that unless you are really comfortable with registry manual entries and then only as a last resort. Good luck !!

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    • I have done everything u suggested bar the part about the registry manual. Really has me stumped, worked fine a month ago and now wont write but can read. thanks for your help anyway though.

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  • 5 years ago

    Invest in a CD/DVD Laser Lens cleaner, this fixes most problems with optical drives. If it doesn't help, the drive may be dead.

    • Drive works fine because it can read discs and I swapped out the drive for a friend's DVD drive and it still didn't work

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