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Please enter setup to recover bio settings?

I have a Asus M32 Desktop with Win8.1 preinstalled.Earlier my desktop worked.I changed the screen res to see if the black bars would stretch.I realized that was the layout of windows 8 to get to the charms on the side.I restarted my computer & it showed blue on the screen.I later on reset the cmos battery by taking out & put it back in. Restarted the pc.Now it says Please enter setup to recover bio settings.All thier is listed is the making of the bios,device listings.Then it says it shutdown in a few seconds.I tried so many keys to press on.Nothing entered the setup.I wonder what happened.Anyone know a solution to my problem.Maybe i,m doing things wrong.How do i correct the issue.

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    I forgot my password so i had to reset the bios.How do i enter back in to the bios to change settings.All i get is please enter setup to recover bio settings

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