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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRap and Hip-Hop · 5 years ago

RHH: A Bunch of Questions?

I haven't asked a question in weeks (maybe even months), so I'm just gonna ask a lot right now in an attempt to make up for it (and I'll try to ask more from now on):


1. Rate "The Powers That B" on a scale 1-10.

2. Best-produced album of all time?

3. Supreme Clientele or Fishscale?

4. ALLA or Tetsuo & Youth?

5. Which album would you say you have listened to more than any other album?

6. Rank the following: The Low End Theory, 3 Feet High and Rising, It Takes a Nation of Millions...

7. Do you consider Lupe Fiasco to be a sellout?

8. Jurassic 5 or Blackalicious?

9. Dan the Automator or Prince Paul?

10. Favorite rap song of all time?

11. I live in the bay area. Do people outside of here give a sh*t about people like E-40, G-Eazy, and Lil B or is it only here. Like does the average person even know who they are? Just wondering people they are so popular here (especially G-Eazy).

12. Have you ever listened to The Foreign Exchange?


1. Who do you have winning (Cavs or Warriors)?

2. Who do you want to win (Cavs or Warriors)?

3. Best Jazz album of all time?

4. Favorite NRHH album of 2015?

5. Which reg would you say you agree with the most?

6. What is your opinion of Bon Iver (only if you've listened to them obviously)?

7. Expectations for Bilal's new album?

8. Who would you rather have on your team: Chris Sale or Corey Kluber?

9. Rank the following: Chik-Fil-A, Popeyes, KFC

10. Favorite Woody Allen movie? If you've never seen one, just name your favorite comedy.

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    1. Haven't heard it yet but will get to it. IBMS has it as his second favorite album of the year.

    2. You and I both know that's a question that can't be adequately answered.

    3. Supreme Clientele

    4. Haven't heard ALLA yet but I'm willing to bet it's the better album.

    5. MBDTF


    7. No, although he's straddled the line a couple of times I wouldn't say he's ever totally gone over.

    8. Blackalicious

    9. Dan

    10. Nope

    11. Yeah, I'm personally a big E-40 fan and I joined the B¡tc# Mob in 2012 and my life has improved immensely since then. G-Eazy sucks.

    12. Yes, but not much.

    1. Don't care.

    2. Still don't care.

    3. I'm not qualified to answer this; I've probably heard like 10 jazz albums in total.

    4. Everything Else Matters by Pinkshinyultrablast or maybe The Box Borealis by Moon & Pollution.

    5. Ricky Dicky B

    6. Mostly just heard his stuff with Kanye but he's sounded great on all of their songs together.

    7. Eh. Don't really care.

    8. I honestly have no idea who those people are and I'm too lazy to Google them but I know that Jesus is always on my team.

    9. Popeyes >>>>>>> KFC. I've never been to Chick-Fil-A; I don't think they have any locations in New York.

    10. Hannah and Her Sisters. I haven't seen as many Woody Allen films as I should have.

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    • Lv 4
      5 years agoReport

      that's kinda far but I'm pretty sure there is a chik-fil-a in paramus haha

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  • 5 years ago

    1. 6 2. Thriller 3. Supreme Clientele 4. Tetsuo & Youth 5. idk...that's hard...I've listened to so much sh!t from Marilyn Manson to Chief Keef. 6. The Low End Theory number 1 7. Not after Tetsuo & Youth..also I like Food & Liquor 2 that is a highly underrated album. 8. Jurassic 5 9. Prince Paul 10. Puff Daddy Biggie & Busta Rhymes- Victory 11. G Eazy is pretty big everywhere. 12. That's a negative ghost rider. 1. Warriors 2. Warriors 3. Not sure 4. I don't have a favorite album for 2015 quite yet. 5. Probably Big or Thizzelle somewhat..Me and sports dude are 2 different people lol I'd rather listen to Lil Wayne & Young Jeezy & he'd rather listen to Black Thought & MF Doom 6. Never have 7. not gonna listen 8. Corey Kluber 9. Chick Fil A, Popeyes, KFC. 10. Favorite comedy is prolly step brothers or Joe Dirt lmao...both are in my top 5 either way.

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  • 5 years ago

    1. Haven't heard it.

    2. There are quite a few to name... Madvillainy, Midnight Marauders, Enter the Wu-Tang, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and Mecca and the Soul Brother would be in my top 5. Not sure about the order.

    3. Supreme Clientele.

    4. Tetsuo & Youth, slightly.

    5. MBDTF [2]

    6. 3FHaR > ITaNoMtHUB > TLET

    7. He may have his eyes on the money, but I don't see how I can call him a 'sell-out' since he's one of the most lyrical rappers in the game and still has meaning in his songs. He may care about money, but he has talent and the money he gets is totally deserved. And he's also my favorite rapper along with Andre and Scarface, so I can't say anything bad about him. Just that he had a couple of bad albums.

    8. Blackalicious.

    9. Prince Paul.

    10. Mind Playing Tricks on Me, I Seen a Man Die, Da Art of Storytellin', Elevators (Me & You), The Show Goes On, Hip Hop Saved My Life, The Way I Am. Again, not sure about the order.

    11. Where I live, people know Eminem and the sell-outs. Some know Jay Z and Kanye West. Maybe also Kendrick. Never known a guy who knew Lupe. But have I ever known a guy who has listened to a whole album? Haha, no.

    12. Nope.


    3. Surely an album by John Coltrane. Could be Blue Train, A Love Supreme, Giant Steps, or My Favorite Things.

    4. Carrie & Lowell is the only one I've heard, but takes it by default. Amazing album.

    5. RKO, maybe.

    6. Never heard of them.

    7. Who?

    8. Who?

    9. What?

    10. I have seen just a few movies... I must've seen only one by him and that is Midnight in Paris. Great movie. Pulp Fiction is my favorite comedy. Well, that's a black comedy, but still.

    • La La Land
      Lv 4
      5 years agoReport

      Sorry for my lack of knowledge in NRHH q's...

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    My answers:


    1. 9/10

    2. Madvillainy

    3. Fishscale but close

    4. Equal... can't decide

    5. Either Aquemini or The College Dropout

    6. It Takes a Nation of Millions, then The Low End Theory, then 3 Feet High...

    7. Kinda

    8. Blackalicious

    9. Dan the Automator

    10. You Got Me by The Roots


    1. Cavs

    2. Cavs (I'm a Cavs fan so yeah)

    3. Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

    4. Carrie & Lowell easily

    5. idk maybe David

    6. Love them

    7. High

    8.. idk that's why I asked (but I'm an Indians fan and I love Kluber)

    9. Chik-Fil-A is the best imo, but Popeyes and KFC are equal to me

    10. Either Take the Money and Run or Broadway Danny Rose.

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    1.) Haven't listened to it

    2.) Aquemini would probably be my number one. Things Fall Apart and Liquid Swords would come in a very close second.

    3.) Supreme Clientele but you can't go wrong with either. The production on Fishscale might be better but as an album as a whole, I got to go with Supreme Clientele

    4.) Tetsuo & Youth by a long shot. ALLA was trash imo.

    5.) In my lifetime, definitely Illmatic. As of late, probably Black on Both Sides.

    6.) You already got it in order for me lol

    7.) Ehhhhhh yes and no. But when he did make Lasers and F&L2 I think his record label screwed him over and ruined the albums from being great.

    8.) Very close but Blackalicous. Good comparison! Made me think

    9.) Prince Paul

    10.) Respiration by Black Star ft. Common

    11.) It must be just where you live. Where I'm from, the only rappers who are popular are sh!tty trap rappers.

    12.) Nahhhhh


    1.) I could care less but Cleveland will probably win

    2.) Neither. Not a NBA fan

    3.) A Love Supreme by John Coltrane. Kind of Blue comes in a close second

    4.) Haven't heard any actually

    5.) I'd say Marcus

    6.) Never grabbed my attention lol

    7.) High as well

    8.) Fvck you bro LMAO! This is way too hard. In terms of this season, Kluber as he leads the MLB in WAR and he has a lower FIP and xFIP than Sale. Good comparison! But in years to come, I'd say Sale will be better since he hasn't entered his prime yet while Kluber currently is in his prime.

    9.) You got it in order for me again lol

    10.) I guess Happy Gilmore

    Nice Questions, man! Really made me think at times!

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  • J
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    1. Haven't heard it. Sorry

    2. 2001 - Dr Dre

    3. Supreme Clientele

    4. A.L.L.A

    5. All Eyez On Me - Pac

    6. (1) It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, (2) Low End Theory, (3) 3 Feet High and Rising

    7. Nah not really

    8. Jurassic 5

    9. I guess Prince Paul but i dont really like either one

    10. It's impossible to list one. First one that comes to mind is California Love but I dont have one favorite above others.

    11. Im from Crenshaw. I hate G-Eazy but Im a big fan of E-40. I dont think Lil B is that good but I dont listend to him at all really.

    12. Nah

    1. Cavs in 6

    2. Cavs but I dont really care either way.

    3. Kind of Blue - Miles Davis

    4. X - Chris Brown (If that counts. I cant really think of one)

    5. It seems like either King or Sportsdude but i got no clue.

    6. Only onow them from the Kanye feature

    7. Prolly gonna be good. Hes cool

    8. Sale. Hes younger and better

    9. Popeyes, KFC, Chik-Fil-A

    10. Dont think i seen one. Favorite comedy is Friday

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  • 5 years ago


    1. I have no idea.

    2. I would nominate Midnight Marauders.

    3. Supreme Clientele.

    4. STILL haven't heard Tetsuo & Youth.

    5. Probably Modal Soul by Nujabes

    6. 3 Feet High and Rising, It Takes a Nation of Millions, Low End Theory

    7. I don't think Lupe is the symbol of artistic purity he markets himself to be. That being said, he's no Black Eyed Peas...but I'm not convinced his eyes aren't on the money.

    8. Blackalicious.

    9. Prince Paul.

    10. No idea.

    11. G-Eazy is known nationwide, Lil B was a massive fad, pretty much any kid interested in pop music a couple years ago knew his name. E-40's more of a bay phenomenon but he's known enough to practically define American vernacular and any hip hop head who's worth his cents knows him.

    12. Yes. They're excellent.


    1. Neither

    2. Cavs cause they beat my boys

    3. My favorite could be A Love Supreme or My Favourite Things both by John Coltrane, but my jazz knowledge is fledgling at best. Although I know most flagship artists the people who really know jazz lived through the era have hundreds, if not thousands of records on vinyl.

    4. No clue.

    5. Probably NYi.

    6. Yes I have, they're fantastic. Their lyrics are ornate but somehow minimalistic at the same time--much like the style of music they seem to prefer.

    7. I don't have any, unfortunately.

    8. No idea.

    9. Chik-Fil-A>Popeyes>>>>>>>>>>>KFC

    10. I'm not really a film person. My favorite comedy would probably be Snatch.

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