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What happened to Axl Rose?

Axl Rose from guns n' roses was handsome but what happened to him now?

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    6 years ago
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    The second pic is actually one of his better pics he looks a lot worse now. Of course there are still groupies that want to date him. Even Lana Del Rey wrote a song called Axl Rose Husband about/for him and so she did manage to attract his attention. They went on a couple of dates last year. When Axl was young he was very much in love with a woman named Erin, and one of his best songs was inspired by this love for Erin. After Erin left him, I think he had no more real inspiration. How Axl is now, his voice is really bad these days, he looks bad, he never married again, never had children. It's a sad story, but he doesn't owe the world anything, he mostly keeps to himself I think, he is happy that way.

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    6 years ago

    Plastic surgery! He destroyed himself

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