Looking for some hidden gems as far as songs go... Any kind of music is fine but I'm mainly a country music fan... Sad breakup songs mainly?

I like break up songs and/or songs about a girl leaving a guy then regretting it. Here are some that I already know of or have found that I like:

Someday when I stop loving you- Carrie Underwood

All too well- Taylor Swift

Friend of a friend- Tim McGraw

Come back to me- Keith Urban

When you're gone- Avril Lavigne

I never told you- Colbie Caillat

I found someone- Blake Shelton

Way down here- Kenny Chesney

I don't know you anymore- Savage Garden

She never cried in front of me- Toby Keith

Lost you anyway- Toby Keith

You'll think of me- Keith Urban (Actually my all-time favorite song)

If you know of any lesser known songs that are kind of like some of these, please suggest them and I'll give them a listen!

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