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Which is your favorite Jackie Chan movie?

I've been watching jackie chan movies all my life.I took a break from Jackie Chan movies a few years ago due to irrelevant reasons but I wanna go back to the routine soon.Well,I've watched all his movies and I'm now checking if there are any Jackie Chan movies out there I haven't watched.Jackie is an action legend in my opinion and I've been a fan since I was 6,that was back in 1994.He has inspired me in various ways and at some point,changed my life indirectly.Watching him do all that magic in an action scene......or just looking at him used to make my sad days so much fun,it was incredible I really liked HIM!!.I spent day after day searching for his films,and you can imagine how much walking I did given that it was difficult to obtain movies from the internet at the time(late 90s).I feel like Jackie isn't given so much credit for his work(although he won an MTV Award back in '95,I don't feel like that's enough).So I wanna ask all the Jackie Chan fans out there,what's your favorite Jackie Chan movie?

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    Jackie Chan ok, there better Hong Kong stars then him. Like Chow Yun Fat, Tony Leung Chiu-wai, Andy Lau Tak-wah, Simon Yam Tat Wah, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang,Sean Lau Ching-wan and Nick Cheung Ka-fai, they have done of move that are better then Jackie Chan's like Stool Pigeon, Hard Boiled, Exiled, Election, Infernal Affairs movies, PTU, Firestorm, The Killer, The Fun, the Luck & the Tycoon, God Of Gambler, Running Out Of Time, City On Fire, Full Contact, Once A Thief, A Better Tomorrow, The Mission, Bullet In The Head, SPL and The Four. In a way Jackie Chan is type casted in doing mostly action comedy. You never see him do type movies like The Corruptor, Infernal Affairs, Exiled, The Killer, Hard Boiled, Full Alert, God Of Gambler, Firestorm and Stool Pigeon at all.

    Mine is Police Story 3: Super Cop

  • Wen
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    what i liked about his movies back then was his movies were not hollywood-esque but deliver a different type of action thrill that were not included in any hollywood movies, his movies were standalonely good in his way. The lightning fast exchanging fists with the enemies, when they landed the body you can hear in the background sound sfx goes pak-pak-pak pak-pak in a rhythmically way, I used to get vry burned up for seeing his action sequence, sometimes just replay the fight part several times to enjoy it for half hr then close the movie.. like for example - in Gorgeous the only part you really need to see is when he fights the white boxer guy and that's a roughly 10 mins fight scene ( it was awesome), all other parts in the movies are pretty much ignorable.

    Favs are:

    Police Story I, II

    A project I, II

    Miracles ( was underrated )

    twin dragons

    Legend of drunken master


    at this point ( thunderbolt) he's already done some hollywood movies and they were trashes in my eyes, his hollywood movies were keep disappointing me until Rush Hours, Rush hours on action alone was also big time arss suker, but its the jokes that hit me, chris tucker was insane but the movies were actually more fun on his parts.

    The tuxedo .. its trash movie too, but i happens to like Hewitt in it she was gorgeous

    And then there comes Shanghai Knight, also underrated, its the kind of jackie chan movies i used to like, the western background seem blend in just fine for me, what really needed to mention here is his duel with Donnie Yen , it was short but carrys the spark, it was unexpected surprise

    but then j ust when i thought his hollywood movies will start being just as good as the old days, shanghai knight became his last movie that i thought was good, all the followup movies are total trashes, either hes in hollywood or back in china, never the less, all trashes specially 1911, boring as FK, I would give the new Karate kid a mild thumb up, but the movie wasn't about him anyways, that movie he did with Jet Li - Shaolin.. total misfired

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    Operation Condor is my favorite -- stunning action sequences, a fairly coherent spy/caper storyline, and a really clever, witty sense of humor. It's kind of like if James Bond, Charlie Chaplin, and Gene Kelly were thrown into a blender together. Whenver I see this movie playing on TV, I have to stop and watch it. SO much fun!

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    I liked "The Myth", because it had a Sad Love Story going on, and he doesnt do movies like that.

    Nice change of Pace... sort of.....

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    his best performance ever.

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