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TPS and IAT sensor clean?

My 05 dodge Durango has a Throttle positioning sensor and a IAT sensor. Can I remove both sensors(I understand the general location of both) and spray the IAT with MAF sensor cleaner and the TPS sensor with Throttle cleaner or choke cleaner or can I use the MAF cleaner for the TPS sensor? Also can I spray some of the MAF cleaner in the intake hoses they are a little dirty

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    Spray it wherever you want to clean, it is only solvent no matter the label. Keep in mind to wipe residue off the sensors before reinstalling.

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    That stuff doesnt work on TPS sensors or IAT sensors. They dont get dirty, just dont work anymore. Usually means it needs replacing, not cleaning. Some cleaners can harm MAF sensors. So you might want to be careful on that

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