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odd question....trying to figure out what my pet could have died from?

So, where I live, it's almost 2 am right now, but my dog passed away just the other day June 8 and I'm trying to figure out what she might have passed from.

She was an old. She happened to be 18 years old before she passed, but I feel like she got heatstroke.

I did try to bring her inside a couple days ago, but she wouldn't get up, but my fam and I did bring her inside just the other day (same day she passed)...

But the only reason we didn't bring her in a lot is because she couldn't control her "bathroom" time where she would have accidents in the house.

I will say she did have a couple heatstroke symptoms, but not all of them... so could she have died from heatstroke or just old age?


She happened to pass away june 8, 2015...

@verulam 2, thanks for ur input but when school was in session, I would always have ice water outside for both my dogs when I had school&my mom worked all day. But I do realize now tho is that accidents will happen w/ any dog that's old & it's something that all pet owners will have to learn to live with. Also thnx because I know 18 was old for a dog, but I had a cat that lived to be 21 years old...

Update 2:

and I also agree with jojo where if it wasn't hot out, she still would have passed anyway.

Where I live, the weather is very bipolar where one day it'll feel like summer, then next day it'll feel like winter.

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    Quite possible both - we all have to die from something after all and if she was out in extreme heat especially at her age, it's highly likely this could have contributed to the end of her life. But 18 is a great age for any dog so well done for that. She's at peace now. For the future, never leave a dog outside, for whatever reason, if it's extremely hot. If it's hot for you, it's too hot for a dog. I've seen two cases of heatstroke, and it's not a pretty thing. Or a nice way to die.

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    Its a safe bet to conclude that at 18 years old your dog died of old age.

    If the weather was hot then it probably did not help at all.

    But the odds are she would have died anyway.

    Sorry for your loss.

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    Most likely it was just due to old age she was 18 years after all.

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    You need a vet to do a necropsy to find the actual cause of death.

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