proper piercing names?

Id like to know the proper terms for a few piercings. For example, gauges are actually stretching, the jewelry is plugs and eyelets, NOT gauges. What is the proper tern for a one side lower lip piercing, snakebites, monroe, spiderbites, dogbites, madonna, medusa, and dolphinbites? Thanks in advance.

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    Medusa = philtrum

    The term monroe has been around for quite awhile, most piercer's accept it as proper terminology.

    Anything with "bites" after it is slang. They're just called lip piercings. Paired lower lip piercings, paired upper lip piercings, single lower left lip piercing, etc. No fancy name for them. A centered lower lip piercing is typically referring to as a labret, but again lip piercing works just as well.

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