How to convert 2000 guilders from the year 1782 to US dollars 2015.?

The guilders was from Munich Germany and I am not sure which coin it is...So convert either or both if you can.

Read from wikipedia below:

In 1753, Bavaria and Austria-Hungary agreed to use the same conventions. The result was the Austro-Hungarian gulden (Austrian Empire 1754 to 1892), and the Bavarian gulden (1754 to 1873, see also Baden gulden, Württemberg gulden, South German gulden).


In this case, I do not have a coin I am trading in. I am trying to come up with a modern day value for a passage of text I am reading. If someone bought an item for 2000 guilders in the year 1782 and they lived in Munich, what was that coin at that time roughly worth in todays money. Would 2000 guilders buy a cheeseburger or a house...that kind of thing.

Update 2:

I read somewhere that a 1754 Bavarian guilden is worth 1.754 Reichsmarks. But I have no idea how they arrived at that given the century difference of the currencies. Also read 1 RM = $68.50 USD 2015. So 1.754 RM = $120.15 USD 2015 = 1 guilden. So maybe 2000 guilders is $240,300.00 USD 2015. Closest I've come so far. But the value of the things you bought back then were all different values as well.

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    Any time a country dissolves one form of currency and converts to another, the original form becomes "demonetized" which means it can no longer be converted into dollars or any other currency. From this standpoint, your coin has no actual monetary value.

    Maybe you are asking out of curiosity, hypothetically what it would have been worth, even if you can no longer convert it. For something that old, it's exceedingly hard to make a comparison.

    Maybe you are asking if the coin has numismatic value to collectors. That depends on many factors including its condition. A local coin dealer should be able to give you an answer if you bring in the coin. Ideally you want to go to the public library and look it up in a coin catalog to get a rough idea, to keep the coin dealer honest. Keep in mind they never offer you book value. You would be lucky to get half of book value and even that's a stretch.

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    US inflation records go back 100 years, so you need to first convert to UK pound. Based on silver value, 1.36 guilders = 1 half crown (8 of them per pound). 10.88 guilders to a pound. 2000/10.88 = 183.83 pounds. UK chart goes only until 2013, inflated value is 28,000 pounds. Right now, that's about 44k US. Not exact, US and UK historic inflation values vary.

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