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2000 Ford Escort 2.0L Cooling fan never seems to be on. Temp gauge sits normally, doesn't overheat. But fan never seems to be on?


Whenever I've opened the hood or something to do work on it, and I let it run even when the engine is hot. The radiator cooling fan never seems to be on. I've never noticed the temperature gauge in the dash go any higher then normal (a little under half way) so i don't know for sure or not if the fan works. I've just never seen it spin, but then wouldn't the car overheat?

Just weird. Any thoughts would be very appreciated!

Thank you!

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    If the coolant level is at normal/ full with a stone cold engine; If the car does not have overheat problem and the temperature gauge shown normal cooling indicator while driving or sitting at idle then that's the ideas of a normal operation.

    Anyway, talking about the 2000 Escort cooling fan's operation: The engine cooling fan motor is controlled during vehicle operation by the Constant Control Relay Module (CCRM), the Powertrain Control Module (PCM), and the Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor.

    The engine cooling fan motor operates under the following conditions:

    Note: With the ignition key is in OFF position, the electric fan will never come on. So turn the key OFF prior working on the car.

    1- When the engine coolant temperature reaches 105°C (221°F).

    2- When the A/C is turned on.

    So you see: A "Quick" check is to open the hood, start the car and turn the AC on. Is the fan motor run then everything is "Cool". Not a corrected way to diagnose but a "Quick" way and requires no tools.

    If the fan won't run with the AC is on (I've doubted it happen): E mail me:

    I'll send you the diagnostic procedures including all illustrations, components testing and related wiring diagrams etc ...

    Other than that: Don't forget to close the question. Thank you.

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    the fan sensor or fan could e bad ..might even be the engine runs cool enough the fan is not needed. you can have it tested to see if there is a issue. if you just let the engine run and not move the fan should on at some point or the temp gauge should run hotter than normal if the gauge is correct.

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    Hi if it has adequate cooling it might not need to come on.

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