Why do most Kurds support Israel?

So first I dont have anything against most kurds, i never hated them but its just strange how most of them are hypocrites when they are having similar issues as Palestine yet support the oppressors of Palestine. Also they what ive seen is they full out support them, such as airstriking gaza. And at points they seem pretty ignorant.


how is palestine the enemy of kurds if there are a good amount of palestinians not hating on them, and also not attacking kurds?

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    5 years ago
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    Many Kurds seem to identify with the Israelis: Namely, they see an example of a people regaining land against odds from people who have historically oppressed them. They are cognizant of many Jewish histories, namely ones where they've been striped of rights and dignity, and it helps that a lot of that happened in the same nations the Kurds are in now. Both the Jews and the Kurds have experienced Arab, Turkish, and/or Iranian mistreatment, and it also helps that the Kurdish Jews who did take the opportunity to flee to Israel have indicated Israel's true nature as a more benevolent nation.

    It doesn't hurt that Israel is also very supportive of the Kurdish cause, and has been for quite a while. In addition, Israel was the nation that was willing to buy oil from the Kurds when no one else wanted to piss off Iraq, who claimed it was theirs. To be honest, Israel just really has never done much to push the Kurds away from them.

    And, honestly, there really hasn't been much done to win the Kurds over to the Palestinian side anyway. If anything, the Syrian ones are pissed because a lot them lost homes to Palestinians who needed shelter and as such, many Kurds (and Jews who still lived there) were kicked out of their homes. The Kurds also take note when the Arab nations scream about injustices done by the Israelis but the thing is, THEY DO MANY OF THAT TO THE KURDS AS WELL. I have to wonder if some of the more imagined cases - such as the often cited misbelief that Israel bans Arabic (which is said more often than you'd think) - come from an analysis of what they do the Kurds, because Kurdish has been banned or targeted so much throughout history. I'm not even sure if the Syrian Kurds can even legally name their kids in Kurdish, like it used to be.

    Essentially, when you paint the entire conflict as the Arab-Israeli one, and see Arab nations mistreating the Kurds, they'd naturally not feel the most sympathy towards the Palestinians. The same goes for those in non-Arab nations, who feel for their brethren in Arab nations and are similarly oppressed by those who hate Israel. I still wouldn't say that Kurds do hate the Arabs as well as the Turks and Persians absolutely, but they're given no incentive to hate the Israelis for them.

    Kurds tend to be a bit more educated than you give them support for being. I'd say that you should probably take their viewpoint more seriously, since they'd probably support airstrikes on Gaza with the logic that Israel is trying to STOP attacks on them. They'll get that, and support that kind of action. It's not hypocritical: Save that condemnation for the Arab and other nations that call out what they see as Israeli crimes yet do many of the same things to their Kurds, who absolutely are oppressed under them.

    • do you know what the anfal campaign was ,well it was when sadam gassed kurdish villages ,they destroyed 90% of all kurdish villages and 20 big small towns and cities

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    Which group would you support?

    The ones that have been shooting at you for generations or the only one that has not?

    What you fail to realize is that every country in the region has been shooting at the Kurds.

    Iraq under Saddam used chemical weapons against them.

    Iran and Syria have persecuted them.

    Even Turkey has attacked them.

    But Israel has not in fact they have been an enemy of Iran, Iraq and Syria from the moment the country was formed.

    So Israel's ability to withstand attacks on all sides would bring hope to the Kurds.

    Israel drawing the attention of those same countries also allows the Kurds a respite.

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      The Palestinians haven't been too supportive of the Kurds either, unlike Israel. It also helps (or, in Palestine's case, doesn't) that the Palestinians identify heavily as an Arab culture, which has historically been oppressive to them and thus would lump themselves with their tormentors.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    And who told you most Kurds support Israel? Did you talk to every single Kurd on the planet or just eat up the propaganda fed to you? Kurds are maj sunni Muslim and support Palestinians, I have never met a Kurd that supports Israel. In fact out of all Arabs it is the Palestinians who Kurds get along with as they understand our suffering at the hands of arab governments.

    As for hypocrisy, if anything Arabs are hypocrites for criticising Israel for oppressing Palestinians when their own Arab governments are doing the same to kurds.

    Source(s): I'm Kurdish
    • well I am a kurd and I have only seen islamic kurds support palestine

  • 5 years ago

    "the enemy of my enemy" The Kurds have big problems with Arabic speaking Muslims, as does Israel. Seems like a natural alliance to me

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  • Sarah
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    5 years ago

    Because the Israelis helped them in the war.

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      There is great evidence that Israel has actually helped the Kurds for quite a while now, albeit discreetly. ISIS is also not an Israeli puppet, or at the very least there are no Kurdish leaders or fighters claiming such, indicating that they don't believe that and regard such as nonsense.

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