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Find the energy released in the fission reaction

Answer in units of MeV.

(Info in pic)

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    LHS mass = 1.00867u + 235.044u = 236.05267u

    RHS mass = 87.908u + 135.907u + 12*1.00867u = 235.91904u

    mass defect = m = 0.13363u * 1.66e-27kg/u = 2.218258e-28 kg

    E = mc² = 2.218258e-28kg * (2.998e8 m/s)² * 1MeV / 1.602e-13J

    E = 124 MeV ← see edit

    EDIT: I copied the mass of Sr incorrectly. Making that correction leads to E = 126 MeV.

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      I have the same question and the answer is incorrect, but I cannot seem to find the mistake so can you go through it again? Also, whoever did thumbs down, that was unnecessary.

  • 5 years ago

    .... That's making me feel dumb.

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