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Can someone tell me if the people selling fragrance s at Macy s get paid a commission?

Does anyone know their pay structure There is a guy at my work, that I just started, that works a 2nd job at macy s selling gucci fragrance.

This guy was insulting me and saying how cheap i was even though he barely knows me. So i was basically insulted and bullied into buying this damn purfume that costs $100.

And now he s trying to ask me if I gave gucci samples to my he can pressure me to buy more stuff from him

I m thinking of returning the perfume, cuz i m pissed that i was pretty much insulted by this ghetto piece of trash. I seriously don t even know how he works in a office job. He s really ghetto.


and can he find out if I returned the perfume?

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  • 5 years ago
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    Could it be, he's immature & jealous?

    The guy @ work? IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. He's a bully, and insulting! My advice? Distance yourself and if it continues, you may have a chance to take him to court for discrimination, etc. Don't talk to him, don't go shopping with him, just stay away as far as possible with him. Document! Document! Document!

    Yes, you can return it, for any reason! Macy's got good customer service, specially if they're used on a Credit Card. If not, you can dispute your charges. Done! Never give in to peer pressures, or work pressures!

    Some perfumes may stink on you, depends on body chemistry. So, even the best-selling fragrance, may not smell well on you, but best answer is to try on a sample, and see HOW it reacts on your skin.

    How I know this? I bought dh one of the best colognes, smell good on another guy, but it didn't on him.

    This girl @ work, also has BO. Everyone knows she comes to work, like she showered everyday, looking fresh right out of the shower, etc. but she's got BO. Why? Her perfume is causing her to smell like she stinks!

    Perfumes I hate: Scada, Michael Kors.

    I like Bulgary Mon Jasmin Noir.

    I also like Chanel 5.

    I bought Chanel 5, spray, but it was making me sick, it was just too powerful . . . .even though I loved it when I had a sample, so I took it back and got an exchange for the real perfume, that you only use very little, NOT SPRAYED ON.

    BTW: They go on my wrist, behind the neck, why waste expensive perfumes by putting them on your dress? How is your blood flow (veins) going to activate the scent?

    You are supposed to apply the perfume to your pulse points..those are the warmest spots on your body (with the excepting of your head). I've also heard that rubbing the perfume is "breaks" the perfume.

    Keira Knightley the new face of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle perfume: “This smells different on everyone, so I never find that other people smell exactly like me.”

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  • 5 years ago

    I believe they do get paid commission. When I worked there they told me if anyone wants to buy anything from that department I have to get the workers name who they got the product from so they can get the sale.

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