Do black people believe that white people are better?


These children were not brainwashed Janet they prefer whites.

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  • Werbie
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    5 years ago
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    Ahh yes, the doll test, I believe this is the true test of whether or not blacks prefer whites over themselves. Since these children are too young to have been brainwashed by blacks to hate on whites.

    Blacks can shout "brainwashing" and "social conditioning" from whites against blacks, but black children are exposed to black people far more than they are to white people, if they're brainwashed by anyone, they would be brainwashed by blacks.

    As black children get older, they taught about the "horrific deeds" whites bestowed against blacks in history lessons, and their mind changes from thinking whites are the best to hating on whites and pretending they think blacks are the best.

    Babies stare at people who are more attractive, they want to be white, that test demonstrates it.

    It's typical that the explanation for the results of the experiment is due to oppression by whites again.

    @ Rain, as far as I know, subliminal messages was invented by people who just want a reason to blame something on someone else as a way for themselves to feel like victims. Where's the psychology papers which explain that subliminal messages have a deep impact on our minds?

    Whereas people who are seen to like Whites are often SHAMED into hating them...that is a form of brainwashing in my eyes.

  • 5 years ago

    It is my opinion. I am around people everyday that are black FAR more than white people, and I am black myself. I see blacks constantly hating on whites, yet I never thought of doing the same. Instead, I still like white people better than black people, and would highly prefer to be around them. However, because of my current situation, I have no choice.. But to be honest, this question is very racist since I highly doubt that barely more than a few people have the same thoughts as I do.

  • 5 years ago

    No! I mean I talk to them some are my friends but I don't think there better than me because there white

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A baby wanting a plastic toy that is light over a darker one. How did you equate that to them thinking white people are better? In what aspect?

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I am a Brown man and the only thing the white people in the UK WW2 and after were better at was racism

    Followed by Bigotry

  • 5 years ago

    What a stupid, race-baiting question. Black people make it clear everday how much they hate us so obviously not. You just want to be a victim so you wish that was true. Black people hate white people its pretty obvious.

  • 5 years ago

    White people have enslaved and oppressed blacks in USA for centuries even till present. They even make sure to continue to dumb down the black community by not contributing a dime to better education within predominately black areas..again mimicing how it was illegal for a black person to even read or gain an education in the states.

    When you are uneducated it's easy to manipulate a person.

    The most dangerous black person to a whites are educated blacks.

    I mean truly educated blacks who seek knowledge everywhere, even beyond the boundaries of white brainwashed ideology. Not the black people who just reiterate everything their slave master tells them like a robot<< that isn't education or sophistication, that is just memorization.

    This is why they continue to oppress blacks starting school age. And why they made it illegal for black people to read and write.


    Yes they were, as a child growing up in USA the first thing I was told in my elementary school (kindergarten)was that I was black and was less than/and different from the whites, and this was by my TEACHER who said this. I remember crying because I was angry at being treated differently and told I was less then. At this early age was when my parents taught me about race/racism. This racist WHITE teacher made sure I knew about it. Before this I was on a reservation(TRUE natives not the white mixed natives) and really didn't know or distinguish between black and other groups, race never came up with them. Not until I interacted with whites.

    Not just that, but even on TV(which my parents monitored growing up) all of the nice, sweet characters were ALMOST ALWAYS white in cartoons. If you see that from preschool and up, guess what you will start thinking? Exactly.

    And I'm just blessed to have had parents who monitored everything I watched and told me about the racism at a very young age. I knew at age 6-7 that Disney was EXTREMLY racist. Heck I didn't even say the pledge of allegance because I knew it didnt pertain to me being black since my people were treated unequally.

    I drew EVERYTHING black in elementary, Santa, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and all the other "white characters" they make you learn in white controlled education. And if they questioned me on it I'd say "Well why do you think Jesus was white, when he was black?"

    So they's shut up.

  • 5 years ago

    We are unconsciously conditioned to believe so, yes. Even at ages as young as the children in this video. First we must identify this conditioning. Then we learn to love ourselves. Some never truly rid themselves of that conditioning. I loved my grandma to death (RIP) but she was conditioned in particular to believe that natural black hair didn't look good. I wear my hair all kinds of ways and I had it in twists one day and she looked at me for a long while and with her lovely smile said "You know, you just look so much better with your hair straight." Broke my heart a little.

  • 5 years ago

    Werbie is quite stupid. You do realize children watch television and pick up on subliminal messaging.

    Edit: Lmfao. Social psychology is dedicated to the study of racial schemas. They live for that sh.t. You can find a lot of research on the effects of media perceptions

  • 5 years ago

    All humans are the same in my eyes: soulless husks that don't deserve to live.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I sure don't. Hispanics are the ones who believe that.

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