what does this say in Japanese?













>Hillstone, i need the accurate translation so your google translator anyone can do. Stop.

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  • Naoko
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    5 years ago
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    Thank you for using Ameba.

    For sound and appropriate service, we will set an age requirement for communications on fishing area, casino area and Pig-channel after the periodic maintenance carried out on October 22.


    You can't chat, stamp or action with users who are under 18.


    Under 18 can't communicate with users who are over 18 even if you are Pig friends.

    For safe and reliable use of our website, we ask for your kind understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Ameba, thank you . For health services management , periodic maintenance and later October 22 , fishing area , the casino area , it will age restrictions on communication in the pig channel . ■ Changes ◯ fishing area , the casino area , " chat " between " the people of less than 18 years old " and " at least 18 years of age " in the pig channel , " stamp" , you will not be able to "action" . ■ Notes ◯ pig as " persons under 18 years of age " at each other and can not be communication between the " 18 years of age or older ." So you can kindly understand it will be enabled to take advantage of the peace of mind safely Ameba Pigg by everyone , thank you very much .

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