Acetylcholine question?

It is responsible for memory, thinking (learning) and muscle contraction from what i know. Is this correct? If yes, why nobody writes that it is reaponsible for memory and etc. Also in wikipedia and giving a hard time by mind ******* the head with some bs which i saw in wiki and yahoo answers. Also another question: what exacly acetylcholine is made up from? CoA, Choline?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Answer to second question first. Acetylcholine is made up of acetate and choline. The acetate part comes from acetyl CoA and the choline part mainly comes from lecithin. The enzyme that is responsible for this synthesis is called choline acetyltransferase. As for the first question, I wouldn't say that acetylcholine is "responsible" for memory/thinking/learning, but it is certainly "involved" in those processes. And yes, acetylcholine is the transmitter at the neuromuscular junction, and does mediate muscle contraction. I'm not sure I understand your complaint about what you saw on wiki or Yahoo. They won't say much about memory/thinking/learning, because those are very complex processes and they aren't yet completely understood. It is clear, however, that acetylcholine plays a major role in memory, especially in the hippocampus.

    Source(s): Neuroscience researcher with a specialty on cholinergic systems.
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