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Does this count as somekind of drug use?

I was sitting in a room with the windows closed and a blanket covering the door so there was no room for it to escape. My friends were smoking werewolf killer... A type of marijuana that is pretty strong. They were smoking a joint so it took a few minutes. I was sitting right next to them there were 4 of us. I was in the middle of them. But I never actually smoked. I got a little high off of just being on the room with them. Does this count as some kind of drug use or smoking I'm not looking for a smarty pants answer.

Also this has happened before (sitting in the room with people smoking) but I have never actually smoked.

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    There was a study done similarly to this where a smoker and non smoker were put in a closed room with one joint being smoked to see if the nonsmoker ingested enough second hand smoke to fail a test. From memory I think about half the people tested immediately passed the drug test showing that if they did ingest any THC it was in small enough doses that they didn't qualify as being under the influence or having consumed any. A few people did test positive the first round, but within 6(I think) hours they are were able to pass a drug test again showing that even of the people who did ingest enough to fail a test it was only a failure directly after the test. If you're curious to see if your smoking arrangement causes you to ingest any cannabis take a cheapo test after your friends smoking session and see if you pass. As far as does it count as you doing drugs... if you're feeling high while sitting in there I guess you technically may be using drugs, but I probably wouldn't tell people I'm a user just that I associate with smokers and occasionally get a little buzz from sitting around them.

    Also, don't know if that strain you're smoking is a locally grown one that's been named by someone on their own, but I have no clue what strain that is and couldn't find any mention of it online (checked leafly and seed finder). It's nice it's a good quality, but werewolf killer, as far as I could find, does not exist as a strain. Some dealers just like putting a name to a product even if they don't know it, but it's frustrating with cannabis b/c if you like it and it's got an incorrect name it can be next to impossible to track it down for future smokes.

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