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2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke for rc truck?

I'm currently building my designs for making an off road rc truck. Im wanting to make a gas powered truck at the 1/4 scale. The question im currently stuck on is 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke. Its going to be big and heavy. I'm wanting the power to go off roading and still be able to get good speeds when driving on a baseball field or beach. When researching 2 vs 4 stroke the answer i got was the amount of torque and power. I don't really understand the difference. I have always done the work to my car and truck myself but never bothered to really learn the mechanics and ideas behind them. So for a big truck with big wheels what Stoke engine should i get for acceleration and speed?

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    Normally I tell people that horsepower is how hard you hit the wall, and torque is how far you take the wall with you.

    Since the 2 stroke powers every stroke, it would be more powerful. The 4 stroke has to have a small phase for exhaust which decreases power very slightly. Both engines take a few seconds to begin revving up to full rpm.

    Now, since I'm in the RC hobby, what type of truck are we talking about?

    Straight axle, independent suspension?

    Locked, unlocked, LSD differentials?

    Platform chassis or dual rail chassis?

    Where will the vehicle be used? Off-road meaning on trails and rock piles or meaning dirt track for short course and rally cars?

    Will it see submersion in water during driving?

    Do you want high top speed or high torque?

    For racing on dirt tracks and such, I would recommend having the following setup

    Independent suspension

    Unlocked differentials

    Platform chassis

    For crawling on rock and river beds,

    Straight axles

    Locked or LSD differentials

    Dual rail chassis

    For each, I would recommend thinking about getting an electric system for it. Many gas RC cars are more expensive in the long run, they cannot go as fast as electric cars, and require much more maintenance. Now- people will tell you that gas is better because they can make the cars go faster than electric can. If you build a gas car and do everything physically possible to make it go as fast as possible, you'll probably stop at about 150-170. If you do the same for electric, you'll hit over 200.

    Along with what I said before, electric motors take less than a second to reach full rpm. Because of this, you get more torque faster, higher speeds, better handling, and in the end electric will be cheaper. If you have your heart set on gas, do what you want. I can't force you to switch to electric.

    Just my 2¢

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    2 Stroke Rc Truck

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