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How to stop having casual sex ?

I ve had casual sex through craigslist before (I m female) and no I didn t get any STDs or get murdered nor did I get impregnated.

I find myself scrolling through it again (I dont want to!) and some of the men are really tempting.

I told myself I wouldnt take the risk again, but god damn, I m trying I m really trying not to do it, it s just so easily staring at my face, an opportunity to hook up with a hot stranger...

[I m not seeking a relationship/date/boyfriend because I simply don t have the time for it]

Can someone SLAP ME or say something harsh that might trigger me to stop

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    If you really don't want to, then stop making excuses, block the site, close the browser, and walk away from the computer. It's that simple. If you're still doing it in spite of that, then clearly you want to, so figure out why you feel this urge and if there's a healthier way to get it. Or just admit this is a thing you enjoy and be as safe as you can under the circumstances.

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