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Is Vancouver expensive ?


To live

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    "Is Vancouver expensive ?"

    That is a relative term - I've live in Vancouver all my life and it doesn't seem overly expensive; true there are cheaper places to live undoubtedly (but I don't want to live there lol). 'yes' seems to be the Answer, that said there are millions of us here that seem to do just fine :)

    Some of the cashiers at 711 have apartments of their own and they all make minimum wage - I'm sure they don't have much to live on and it's not posh... but they seem happy.

    Earn more than minimum and you get nicer things is all.

    Worse case scenario I've heard welfare is $600/mo; get 3-4 roommates together and you could afford an okay place.

    Expensive is a lifestyle choice; I could go out and do big-ticket stuff or grab a cheap inflatable pool from Canada Tire and have a blast in my backyard tonight have friends over for a bbq, tunes and swim...

    Expensive for some yes, too expensive for me.. omgosh heck no, love it here!

    Important point to note, it's not just Vancouver here - there is the whole Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley; Vancouver and the suburbs. I live in Maple Ridge with is so semi-rural there's horseback-riding, but it's only a 20 minute drive into Vancouver city... and being a suburb way cheaper than the city.

    Consider not living where rent and stuff is most expensive - Burnaby or Coquitlam for example - just minutes away from Vancouver:

    One guy built a tree house without anyone even knowing and lived for free for awhile...

    "'Squatter' secretly builds incredible (but thoroughly illegal) treehouse hidden in Canada's Whistler forest just yards from multi-million homes"

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    called BC ....Vancouver BC bring

    depends on what looking for huge sprawling city surrounded by water on three sides with mountains on other.

    rents range from 350.oo to 4000.00 a month and higher motels from 49.00 to 600 a night

    average home price is 450,000

    min wage is 10.50

    travel Vancouver is link to give more information

    beautiful place

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  • 5 years ago

    The most expensive in Canada, and one of the most expensive on the planet. House prices there are insane. Gas is super high too.

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      Toronto is the "most expensive" apparently

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  • Hugo90
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    5 years ago

    It is among the five most expensive cities on earth.

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