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How can I find peace and come to terms with my inner Brony?

I have posted a few questions about this subject prior to this one, and have not really found a good answer yet. The MLP fandom is a mystery to me, and why me and everyone else feel this way for a cartoon. That said, I'm a fairly new Brony and discovered the show through various YouTube videos, and decided to give it a chance a few weeks ago. After the first episode I was hooked. The bright and happy colors, top-notch animation, very high definition, first class voice acting, and the surprisingly clever writing for a kid's show. Those are probably the main reasons that got me hooked in the first place. The problem for me is that the MLP has grown so huge for me. I have now seen through the whole season twice from beginning to end, and now want to do it a third time. I don't see anything wrong in this though, as to be honest if I look back I have seen other series more than twice before, but for some reason with MLP it feels strange. Foreign. When I don't watch the show, and when I don't work I do alot of fanart on DeviantArt, which is my way to cool down the show a bit to not constantly watch it. I guess I'm just simply addicted to a TV show, which is pretty normal I hope. What is your experience of this? Do you also watch the show on a regular basis, (daily), and how do you come to terms with this to not make it feel like you're exaggerating?


I meant to say seasons*. All four plus the few new episodes of season five.

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    WARNING if you haven't seen past season 1, and you do NOT want spoilers, don't read the part of my answer in between the two lines. I suspect you may not have seen beyond season 1 since you indicated you watched the season twice, which sounds odd since there are 4.5 seasons right now(I say 4.5 since the fifth one is going on right now)

    "The problem for me is that the MLP has grown so huge for me. I have now seen through the whole season twice from beginning to end, and now want to do it a third time."

    Wait, "the season"? We are on the fifth one now. Which season were you watching? Or did you mean to say "The seasons"? I'm confused, since maybe you think there has only been one season. Well, if you've only watched one season so far(and I suspect that's the case since you said you've only been a brony a couple of weeks, and there's no way I could have gone through all 5 in 2 weeks twice!), then you have more to watch! If you want to watch all episodes, including the movies(yes, there are movies. There are 2 of them, both of which take place in a different world where they are all humans) then you can do so for free at

    And, you could look for the episodes on the main thing in the center, but that may take a while longer since those have a brief description of each episode and lists only like 10 per page. It's faster to find the episode on the side, where all of them are listed, and just scroll to the one(s) you have yet to see.

    Anyways, what I do rather than just watch the show all the time, I'm actually the president of a brony meetup group at Brigham Young University-Idaho. We meet every Saturday for new episodes during seasons(which, right now, we are currently going through season 5, and that's why watchcartoononline doesn't have all of season 5 episodes yet, since the rest aren't even out yet! We are all anxious for episode 100, or episode 9 of season 5, since it's going to be focusing on secondary characters like Vinyl Scratch, Derpy, and others, and anyways, we meet and we do stuff together each Saturday in addition to the episodes. For example, I'm also the Game-Master for Roleplaying is Magic, which is a tabletop RPG for ponies. It's very fun, especially with the group I have XD The group, though is freaking HUGE for an RPG, like 15 are in it! Which is freaking ridiculous for an RPG XP Anyways, so you could do something like this. Find a brony meetup group near you and start socializing with other bronies rather than just sitting alone in your room watching episodes! We watch them together in the group, and it's better than being by oneself, in my opinion.

    But yeah, get out there and find a brony meetup group! Don't feed the stereotype that bronies are awkward loners lol. Or you could also go to bronycons. Write stories(which is what I have to do as a Game master, or maybe I should say pony master, of roleplaying is magic).


    My storyline is focusing on two things: Elements of disharmony(Greed instead of generosity, dishonesty instead of honesty(duh), sadness/depression instead of laughter, anti-magic(represented by the alicorn amulet), self-centeredness instead of loyalty, and dang it, I always forget the actual word I gave to the opposite of kindness... it wasn't rudeness... oh well, you get the idea), and the other thing is the human world. My "season" of RiM is having its finale this Saturday, or at least part 1 of it. In this one, the group is going to have to go to the human world, because when they first faced the elements of disharmony, they sent it to the destroyed pieces of the elements of disharmony to the human world... not realizing they could be fixed up XD So... in other words, the human world is in deep trouble because of that. The second part will actually be that Twilight will send them into prison for they will likely bring those elements back to the Equestrian world. And then a new GM takes over since I'm leaving BYUI in a couple of weeks(hence why I'm having my season finale). The new GM is actually a player currently in my season. His character is actually the student of Princess Twilight, and I am likely going to have him become an alicorn(first male alicorn! woo!) and a prince. However, it's going to be Celestia who will want to see him to do this. Celestia will be angry with Twilight for putting the secondary elements of harmony(the group has guiding elements of harmony and are essentially a secondary set to the mane six) into prison, and the next GM's character will be the only one not going to prison, since Celestia will give him command over another part of Equestria. Celestia won't be able to do anything with Twilight(who's acting too powerful with putting them in prison), since my campaign/season I'm saying takes place after season 5 and that Twilight has grown to a full-sized alicorn and is on par with Celestia in terms of power and magic. So, his campaign will be the group trying to get out of prison somehow after a year in prison, and possibly they may resort to changing their guiding element to elements of disharmony since they will say "Fvck this! The elements of harmony and acting together just got us in prison, we're working for ourselves".

    The elements of disharmony, basically, work opposite to the elements of harmony. You know how the elements of harmony are more powerful when together? Well, the elements of disharmony are stronger when NOT together. Also, I made it that a 7th element was added: Love, which is represented by Cadence. And the element of disharmony for that, is, of course, hatred.

    Sorry... I probably made this answer MUCH longer than necessary, and I went on a tangent XD


    Okay, umm... back on topic, here's a place you can find a meetup group near you:

    If you don't find one close enough to you, it may be better just to google "Brony meetup near me" and probably put in the city and state you live in. And if you know other bronies, probably at least 6, you could start up a roleplaying is magic season if you like the idea. Here's the website for rules on that:

    All you need are 6-sided dice. Probably 5-6 will do.

    Something else I did when I was bored: A friend and I created a Pony board game that is actually as good of quality as board games sold in stores(not just some home-made lame game), though, um, technically we used copyright material. As long as we don't bring attention to ourselves, we probably will never get C&D'd by Hasbro. I mean, it's not even a game really anyone knows about except other bronies, and we use it for personal use. I doubt Hasbro would find out. I don't care about mentioning it here since I'm anonymous here(no one knows my real name), plus, technically it's illegal that I have Fluttershy as my picture. Though, most companies don't bother with little things like that because it's too much of a hassle since that would be millions of court cases or letters they send to people telling them to stop, so they don't care about that. Oh, the funny thing about this game, I call it Princess Maker by the way, based off of a game by Avalon Hill called King Maker, is that Avalon Hill got bought out by Hasbro a while back... so technically they own the rights to everything I used in this game XD Both the ponies and the game basis!

    Oh... and...

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    Source(s): Fluttershy = best pony/mane 6 Discord = best character/villian Luna = Best princess Derpy = best secondary pony Great Scott = best background pony
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    The show is cute, and well made.

    Stay away from the fanart though...that's a whole other fandom that you probably don't want to get too involved with.

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