Print media affordances question?

How are affordances defined with regard to print media? Come up with a unique affordance for the three major forms of print media still in use today (books, newspapers, magazines).

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  • 6 years ago
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    Books are the oldest form of print media that are used as a way of communication and information piece. After printing was invented, books were printed giving knowledge of various sectors to the world. A book is actually a collection of many printed pages, which are later bound together. They give an opportunity to writers to spread their knowledge about a particular subject to the whole world. They are a diverse platform comprising varied topics that include literature, history, fiction stories, autobiographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and many more, that not only increase our knowledge but also entertain us.

    Newspapers are the most popular form of print media. They are generally delivered at home, or are available at newsstands, and it is the most inexpensive way to reach a huge mass of people quickly. A newspaper is divided into various segments containing current events, sports, food, entertainment, fashion, finances, politics, advertisements, informative articles, and so on. The advertiser, in this case, can choose from a daily newspaper to a weekly tabloid. Different types of newspapers cater to various audiences, and one can select the particular category accordingly. Advertisers then design press advertisements, wherein the size is decided as per the budget of the client.

    Magazines provide detailed articles on various topics, like food, fashion, sports, finance, lifestyle, and so on. Advertising in magazines costs a bit more, but it is a great way to target some market segments. The ads in the magazines need to be eye-catching, yet simple and elegant. Make sure you do not put too much information to herd the page; in that case, you can provide web details for more information. Magazines are published weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually, and many of them are sold all over the world. The advertisements and magazine subscription fees are the fund providers for the magazines.

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