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Name this family?

Father: thinning brown hair, green eyes, average height, slim build, works as a banker, morning person, works out every day

1. Brian William

2. David "Dave" Andrew

3. Gary Thomas

4. Peter Stanley

Mother: short, blonde hair, brown eyes, short stature, "mommy" shaped body, movie buff, works at her church

1. Lisa Mae

2. Jennifer Lynn

3. Sandra "Sandy" Diane

4. Rachael "Niki" Nicole

Oldest daughter: 24 years old. Long brown hair, brown eyes, short stocky build, loves photography, recent college grad, works for a non-profit

1. Eleanor "Nora" Renee

2. Margo Diane

3. Sarah Claire

4. Lindsey Colette

Middle daughter: 20 years old, short curly brown hair, brown eyes, tall willowy build, loves to sing, sophomore in college, majoring in ecology

1. Claire Lillian

2. Hannah Lynn

3. Catherine "Cathy" Elizabeth

4. Rebecca "Becca" June

Youngest daughter: 17 years old, average height, straight light brown hair, blue eyes, junior in high school, loves marching band, plays the flute, favorite subject is English

1. Sophia Rose

2. Sheridan Leigh

3. Anna Felicity

4. Lucy Anne

Baby Brother: 15 years old,wavy dirty blond hair, green eyes, freshman in high school, sings bass in choir, favorite subject is history, tall thin build

1. Daniel Xavier

2. Harrison Zachariah

3. James "JJ" Jackson

4. Noah Elijah

pick a last name for this family, maybe add a pet.

2 Answers

  • 5 years ago
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    Father: David "Dave" Andrew

    Mother: Sandra "Sandy" Diane

    Oldest Daughter: Sarah Claire

    Middle Daughter: Hannah Lynn

    Youngest Daughter: Lucy Anne

    "Baby" Brother: Noah Elijah

    Dave Beasley

    Sandy Beasley

    Sarah Beasley

    Hannah Beasley

    Lucy Beasley

    Noah Beasley

    Ginger Beasley (Pet Golden Retriever)

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  • 5 years ago

    Father: Brian William

    Mother: Sandra "Sandy" Diane

    Eldest daughter: Margo Diane

    Middle daughter: Hannah Lynn

    Youngest daughter: Anna Felicity

    Baby Brother: Noah Elijah

    Last name? Ummmm.... Johnson? And a pet... I'd say either a cat or a turtle. For a cat, name him or her Tiger or something, and for a turtle, name him or her Tarzan.

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