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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMusicRap and Hip-Hop · 6 years ago

RHH/NRHH: Random questions?

I'm in study hall and I have no homework so here is a bunch of random questions.

BQ1: Do you think there are trap artists out there who are elitist pricks like myself yet only make trap for the sake of making money?

BQ2: Would you believe that Ghostface's favorite modern day rapper is Action Bronson?

BQ3: Buy or Sell: Del The Funky Homosapien is a better lyricist than Gift of Gab

BQ4: Does anyone here watch The LA Beasts YouTube videos?

BQ5: Blu vs. Chali 2na

BQ6: Jurassic 5 or Camp Lo?

BQ7: How much money do you think that K-Rino has? Lol

BQ8: What is your favorite month and what is your least favorite month?

BQ9: Which album is better? Modal Soul or Donuts?

BQ10: What is your favorite Flying Lotus album?

BQ11: De La Soul is Dead vs. Stakes is High

BQ12: Buy or Sell: McDonalds fries are better than any other food

BQ13: Would you rather know how you will die or the day of your death?

BQ14: Who is the better MC? Bun B or DJ Quik

BQ15: Which rapper in your opinion sounds the hungriest on nearly every track?

BQ16: If you could hang out with one reg for a day, who would it be and why?

BQ17: What is the last song that you listened to?

BQ18: Is there a difference between an elitist and a backpacker?

BQ19: What is your favorite kind of chorus on a hip hop song?

BQ20: Who is your celebrity crush?

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  • 6 years ago
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    BQ: Possibly. Macklemore incorporated elements of trap in some of his songs in The Heist in one of a few things he did to increase his accessibility for example. A 90's hip hop elitist like you, however? Pretty unlikely.

    BQ2: Sure, why not?

    BQ3: Sell. Del's not a lyricist--he's really more about personality than anything. His voice, Oakland twang, and variable flow make his raps irresistible but he's never been about wordplay or particularly interesting rhyme scheme. He often uses metaphors but in terms of structuring verses he's just not very good. Oftentimes his lines will end awkwardly because he prioritizes narrative and content. Gift of Gab on the other hand, is one of those rappers with all their bases covers--name an element of rap and Gift of Gab can do it with skill to spare.

    BQ4: I do not know what that is.

    BQ5: Blu's one of my favorite rappers; I love his production and he's just so genuine and relatable, but Chali 2na edges him here. Chali 2na's had his hand in a couple very nice projects, and while it's not like Blu hasn't, he's guilty of rereleasing a lot of the same material and taking part in subpar works. For a while in the late 2000's you'd hear about new mixtapes/EPs/collabs from him practically every other week, and a lot of it deserved more work and polish than they got.

    BQ6: Camp Lo. Even Jurassic 5's best album, Quality Control, is in need of better pacing. The rhythm throughout the album stays so high it's a tiring listen and difficult to get through.

    BQ7: I wouldn't be surprised if he has a decent bit. You'd be surprised how many people there are in the south who follow labels and buy every new release, especially with a fairly high quality label like Rap-A-Lot Records.

    BQ8: Least favorite is probably August, favorite is probably January.

    BQ9: They're kind of hard to compare. Donuts is an abstract completely instrumental album while Modal Soul isn't as much, features various vocalists. Well, while I love Modal Soul I'd say Donuts is a perfect album while Shing02 is complete shite and Substantial dropped, overall, a pretty subpar verse on Eclipse as well.

    BQ10: Cosmogramma.

    BQ11: De La Soul is Dead, definitely. Probably their only album to match their debut, exceed it even.

    BQ12: Sell, but fries in general are the GOAT. Five Guys fries are better than McyD's. ****, Wendy's fries are better when fresh.

    BQ13: Probably the day of my death. How much time I have left would dictate a lot of my life choices.

    BQ14: Including his work with UGK probably Bun B, but it's quite close.

    BQ15: Probably Inspectah Deck in his early days. He spit every single verse like if it wasn't the best in history he'd get a baton shoved up his ***.

    BQ16: Probably either L.e.b. or CCV. L.e.b. is probably one of the more good-natured users in the section I like CCV and he also does drugs (also both are around my age if I remember correctly)

    BQ17: Green Light: Now Begin by Blackalicious

    BQ18: Backpackers is more referring to a specific population of hip hop fans who disparage the mainstream and are reputed for being pretentious 90's revivalists and lovers of Def Jux/Rhymesayers stuff. Aesop Rock is their blueprint for good rap. An Elitist is just someone who only respects a certain class of music, hence lifting them to an elite status in their eyes. Elitism can be centered around any category of music, including 90's hip hop as well as trap, or even crunk or crunge.

    BQ19: I don't really like blatant R&B hooks and some rap hooks can be competitive. One of my favorite hooks in hip hop is the one in One Love.

    BQ20: Don't really have one. Emma Stone is the actress who I think is chillest, but I don't think she's that hot.

  • Tyler
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    BQ1: Nah I think everyone out there does care about their music people saying 2 Chainz but 2 Chainz is a great trap artist there is far more worse trap artists out there like Young Thug. BQ2: Yeah I could definitely see it lol. BQ3: SELL. BQ4: Nahh never have. BQ5: Chali 2na BQ6: Jurassic 5 BQ7: Eleventeen dollars. BQ8: September is my favorite and my least favorite would probably be February BQ9: Haven't heard either one. BQ10: Never have listened. BQ11: De La Soul BQ12: Sell! lol because honestly Burger Kings fries are better..hell Burger King is better than McDonalds period.. BQ13: The day of my death so I know how much time I have to get as much pu$$y as possible, rob a bank, and just live life to the fullest. BQ14: Bun B!!! BQ15: I must say that Kendrick definitely always sounds hungry and also Young Jeezy.. Jeezy's voice in general is just insane.. He's just so believable BQ16: idk BQ17: Lil Boosie No Juice BQ18: Yes BQ20: Kelly Kapowski from saved by the bell lol

  • 6 years ago

    1. Nah, to be honest. I can be rather cynical sometimes (most times), but I think people who make trap music genuinely enjoy that style of music. Anyone who tries to make it solely for money will probably fail.

    2. I wouldn't really if someone told me that, but I guess it's not too hard to believe.

    3. SELL.

    4. I don't.

    5. I prefer Blu.

    6. Jurassic 5.

    7. Negative $15. He got a fee from the bank for having insufficient funds, so now he has less than no money.

    8. My favorite month would have to be July. My least favorite is January.

    9. I prefer Donuts.

    11. De La Soul is Dead pretty easily.

    12. Sell.

    13. Nope.

    14. Bun B.

    15. Action Bronson is always talking about food or some **** on his songs, isn't he? Or Rick Ross.

    16. l.e.b. because he said he would like to hang out with me.

    17. "Mystical Magical" by M.E.D.

    18. Yes.

    19. I don't have a favorite.

    20. I don't have crushes.

  • 6 years ago

    BQ1: 2 Chainz [2]

    BQ2: nope

    BQ3: buy

    BQ4: nah

    BQ5: Charli 2na

    BQ6: tie

    BQ7: lmao anything below 10,000

    BQ8: May, January

    BQ9: Donuts. Modal Soul is underrated AF tho smh

    BQ10: You're Dead!

    BQ11: Stakes is High

    BQ12: sell. McDonalds is trash

    BQ13: day of my death

    BQ14: Quik

    BQ15: too many

    BQ16: blank. for some reason she seems like a funny a$$ person lol

    BQ17: 6 Feet Deep - Geto Boys

    BQ18: basically what LEB said

    BQ19: even though it's not a chorus, i like the way how Dave's first verse on Stakes is High is... smooth and straight forward

    BQ20: Meagan Good

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  • luke
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    BQ1: Not sure about you, but they're trap artist that do that.

    BQ2: I know that was on VladTV.

    BQ3: From what I've heard it's a sell.

    BQ4: Nope.

    BQ5: Blu.

    BQ6: Jussasic 5.

    BQ7: He is probably just scrapping away from nearly being homeless.

    BQ8: June's my favourite as it's my birthday on the 12th. Least is probably September because that's when our school/college/uni starts up again.

    BQ9: Donuts.

    BQ10: Havent listen to him.

    BQ11: Haven't list to any of those.

    BQ12: Sell, Taco Bell have the best for me.

    BQ13: How I die just incase I can try and avoid it (if possible).

    BQ14: DJ Quik.

    BQ15: Canibus sounds like he's actually Hungary to me.

    BQ16: RKO as he's got a similar taste of music to me.

    BQ17: Freddie Gibbs 'Robes' ft Earl Sweatshirt.

    BQ18: I have no idea what you mean by back packer.

    BQ19: A catchy one, with either a good singer, or someone who just sounds in beat and in tune.

    BQ20: Jessica Alba, man she is hot.

  • I have to point out that you can't have "BQ" preceding every questions since there wasn't an original question to begin with. Since the title of the question is "Random questions", you're allowed, if not obligated to skip the formality. I shall do so.

    1. Yes, of course. 2 Chainz is a pretty smart guy but he makes ignant @$$ music because it sells.

    2. Sure, why not? Although tbh I'm willing to bet that GFK's favorite rapper is himself.

    3. They're about on par with each other for me.

    4. Nope.

    5. I don't really listen to Chali 2na so won't answer.

    6. Jurassic 5

    7. $8,000 in his bank account but I guarantee you that if you ask him he'll say something corny like "I'm rich as fvck because every bar I drop is pure gold".

    8. Favorite is December because I love the winter as well as the holiday atmosphere - lots of pretty lights. Least favorite is maybe August because it's summer break and literally all I do is eat fast food and watch movies. I don't have many memories of August because it's pretty much the same $#¡t year after year.

    9. Donuts

    10. Cosmogramma; I still haven't heard You're Dead! yet, incidentally.

    11. DLSID

    12. McDonald's fries are terrible imo. They thin af and always burnt at one end. Sorry but I'd easily take Burger King fries over their fries - I realize that this is going to ignite a heated argument.

    13. Am I allowed to avoid/cheat death in any way? If yes, then I would want to know how so I could take the proper precautions. If not, then when because I would know what plans for the future to stop making seeing as I would be dead so i can spend more free time doing some dumb $#¡t.

    14. Bun

    15. Nowadays Shyne sounds like he's literally rapping for food.

    16. D¡ck B 'cause we have a comparable sense of humor and he can talk about plenty of things besides hip hop which is great because I hate talking about hip hop.

    17. W.T.F. by Fashawn

    18. Yeah, they're completely different. Backpackers are traditionally suburban/white kids with no real credibilty or knowledge of hip hop blatantly co-opting hip hop trends. Elitists generally do have a knowledge of hip hop but they force their often limited perspective onto others by insisting that there is a strict, proper way that hip hop should be done.

    19. Something that blends in with or builds off of the rapping. A natural transition, so to speak. I dislike songs that try too hard for a pop hook and backseat the rapping, or place the rapping ahead and settle for a dull or repetitive chorus.

    20. Donald Glover is bae.

  • King
    Lv 6
    6 years ago

    Q1: I think it's quite possible that there are Trap artists who have similar views on certain artists but an elitist like you? I don't think I can imagine that. Also, I think most of the Trap artists are apart of that genre for the love of it rather than to solely make money although money is still a significant reason in why they do it.

    Q2: It's feasible. I read somewhere that sometimes when Ghost hears Action he thinks it's himself and he's like "When the **** did I make this?" Lol..

    Q3: Big sell. Del is a good lyricist but GoG is one of the GOAT lyricists.

    Q4: I honestly don't watch a lot of YouTube unless I'm checking out a music video, watching vines or some ****.

    Q5: I prefer Blu's sound but they are both great artists.

    Q6: Camp Lo fairly easy for me.

    Q7: About as much as the average homeless man. Niqqa Rino is so poor he eats cereal with a fork to preserve milk!

    Q8: Favorite month is probably November because of football (Go Cowboys!), Thanksgiving and family. Least

    Source(s): favorite is June or July because I hate the heat and they are right in the middle of Summer. Q9: I prefer Modal Soul but I'd probably choose Donuts as the better album. Q10: Cosmogramma or You're Dead! Q11: De La Soul Is Dead. Q12: Not any other food, not even close..But best fries? Maybe. Q13: The day of my death so I can get really high and not feel it or defy it.. Q14: Bun B Q15: I like what Creix said, Deck. Q16: Don't really care to hang out with nobody..CCV or Creix I guess since they smoke and shvt. Q17: Can't Get Right by Scarface Q18: I apologize but I don't have enough room to give a good answer..The others already did good though. Q19: I thoroughly enjoy hooks by Z-Ro and Freddie Gibbs.. Q20: I don't crush on celebs.
  • J
    Lv 4
    6 years ago

    BQ1: probably at least 35%

    BQ2: I wouldnt be surprised. They sound like almost the same person

    BQ3: Buy. I just like him better anyway

    BQ4: Nah but i might check em out

    BQ5: Blu

    BQ6: Camp Lo

    BQ7: $13.47

    BQ8: Favorite is November I guess. Least favorite is probably April

    BQ9: Modal Soul

    BQ10: Not a huge fan of his producing. Sorry

    BQ11: De La Soul is Dead

    BQ12: Sell. I aint tryna get heart disease. Any kind of chicken is better.

    BQ13: How i will die. But im almost certain it will be some kind of medical thing.

    BQ14: Bun B for sure.

    BQ15: Hungeiest? Action Bronson. Hes hungry all the damn time

    BQ16: I dont wanna hang out with any of them.

    BQ17: To Live and Die in LA - Pac

    BQ18: Prolly but i got no idea

    BQ19: Im confused whatchu mean

    BQ20: Im gonna get burned for this but Nicki Minaj can get it

  • 6 years ago

    I doubt it.

    I'd be surprised, but it's believable



    Blu, but I should listen to some more chali to a better assessment


    Idk, Idc

    My fave is probably December, least is probably March


    Actually never heard of him

    De la Soul is dead

    A&W Onion Rings definitely give it a run for its money

    how I'll die


    Inspectah Deck

    Well, given that you and I are close to the same age, both like rap, and are a couple of the few regs that don't smoke, plus We're closer than most regs are.

    No Mercy - Pharoahe Monch ft. MOP

    Backpackers hike out in the country, I guess slang differs here :/

    I like Pharoahe's hooks as well as his verses a lot

    It's ended up that most of them are becoming whores or ugly as sin. I guess I like Ariana Grande the best.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    1. Mos definitely

    2. Yeah. It seems like he really likes him

    3. idk... maybe

    4. No

    5. Chali 2na

    6. Jurassic 5 overall, but Uptown Saturday Night > any individual J5 album

    7. idk

    8. Favorite - July (summer, baseball, don't have to do anything), least favorite - the fall months

    9. idk that's kinda difficult to me because they seem very different. When I listen to Donuts, I feel like I'm just listening to a bunch of really good beats, but when I listen to Modal Soul, I feel like I'm listening to an album. I guess I'll give the slight edge to Modal Soul.

    10. Either Cosmogramma or You're Dead

    11. De La Soul is Dead

    12. Any other fries - maybe, any other food - no

    13. I prefer neither, but if I had to choose, I'd go with day.

    14. Bun B

    15. idk

    16. idk

    17. Whatever the last song is on "All of the Above" by J-Live

    18. Kinda. I think of a backpacker as someone who doesn't like mainstream rap and only likes underground/ lesser known music, while I think of an elitist as someone who only likes critically acclaimed music whether it be mainstream or underground. I consider myself an elitist but you more of a backpacker. Nothing wrong with being either though. Just means that you like good music.

    19. My favorites are neo soul choruses, like when rappers feature people like D'Angelo/Erykah Badu/Jill Scott/Lauryn Hill/Bilal/Musiq to sing the chorus

    20. Alison Brie is perfect.

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